Late Night Offer

Telenor Talkshawk is delighted to introduce the Talkshawk Late Night Offer; the call becomes FREE after first 5 minutes at Night (12am-6am).


  Telenor talkshawk
Telenor talkshawk
Har Minute
Tariff (12am to 6am) Rs. 1.5 / min 1
Offer Call Become Free after first 5 mins
Tariff (6am to 6pm) Rs. 0.90 / min 1
Offer 5 mins Free after 5 mins
Tariff (6pm to 12am) Rs. 1.5 / min  1
Offer No Offer 5 Mins Free after Every 5 mins

How to Subscribe?

  • No activation is required for this offer – it will apply to all existing as well as new Telenor FnF in subscribers' list
  • To add FnF numbers call 555 or write FnF and send SMS to 345
  • Offer will be ending on 20th September 2012”


  • The offer applies ONLY to Telenor FnF numbers. It does not apply to Offnet or International FnF numbers.
  • This offer is available on Talkshawk Economy, Talkshawk Har Minute.
  • With effect from 1st July 2011, 19.5% FED applies on usage and
  • 10% withholding tax applies on recharge.


Frequently Asked questions

  • Is this offer on all TalkShawk price plans?
    It is on Talkshawk Economy, TalkShawk Har Min & (only these price plans allow FnF)
  • Is the offer available on all 3 FnF numbers?
    Yes the offer is available on all 3 FnF numbers
  • Will the offer apply to all types of FnF?
    The offer will apply ONLY to Telenor FnF. The offer will NOT apply to other types of FnF like other networks FnF & IDD FnF.
  • What is the maximum length of Free Minutes I can get in an Onnet FnF call?
    Call becomes Free after first 5 minutes. Since maximum call duration is 60 mins, a maximum of 55 Free mins can be used
  • What will I be charged if my call starts before 12am and continues after it?
    Before 12am you will be charged the regular tariff e.g. 0.75 with no free interval in the case of TalkShawk Economy. However, as soon as 12am, the 5 min counter will start and at 12:05am, the call will become free.

    Similarly, if a call continues after 6am, charging will start at 6am. At 6:05am, 5 Free mins will be given according to the day-time offer
  • How do I subscribe to this offer?
    No subscription is needed to avail this offer. It will automatically apply to the Telenor FnF in your FnF list
  • How do I add FnF numbers?
    To add FnF numbers, call 555. Otherwise you can write FnF and send to 345 and follow the instructions.
  • What is the duration of this campaign?
    This is a limited time offer. The last date will be communicated later