Karo Mumkin

What is Karo Mumkin?

Today, our customers’ needs vary dramatically according to local market conditions. Both the telecom industry’s and our customers’ requirements have changed beyond all recognition. We need a brand that focuses and guides us to the future, that makes us stand out from the competition in a positive, distinct and relevant way and that helps us to deliver a tangible difference to our customers.

Where we stand today not only has our business changed, but also our ambitions and the behaviour of our customers. We envision ourselves conquering new horizons and want to touch every Pakistani, helping them get more out of their lives.

Whether it’s a company or an individual, if you challenge the impossible, then you start realizing the possibilities. Inspired with the same spirit, Telenor decided to go far beyond mobile services, expanding into areas of financial services and media through its initiatives, products and services. This propelled us towards refreshing our Vision and Goals for the coming years.

Telenor Pakistan helps individuals realize their potential and gives them the opportunity and ways to achieve their goals – Karo Mumkin

Telenor Karo Mumkin Show 2010

For a nation, there is no power as constructive as the passion of its people and their ideas for making a real difference. Being a responsible corporate citizen of Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan came up with an idea to start with a process change by realizing every single possibility. It was widely believed that for giving Pakistan a promising future, all what was required was a courage to start realizing people’s ideas, no matter small or big.

Inducing the spirit of change by setting an example with character, Telenor launched the first of its kind campaign in Pakistan under the theme of Karo Mumkin. Telenor’s Karo Mumkin campaign was of an interactive design in which audience took part in large numbers and came up with very versatile and potent ideas for the future of Pakistan. It made people realize and believe in their true potentials and helped them to achieve every possibility they see in any discipline of life.

Telenor’s Karo Mumkin campaign became a platform for all those individuals and groups of people who really wanted to put their muscle for change. It started an open debate and discussion on matters related to growth and development in different disciplines giving every dream a chance to be heard and realized.

Meet the Winners: 

Telenor Pakistan announced the implementation phase of its ‘Karo Mumkin’ initiative in February, 2011. The two winning ideas that emerged from the ‘Telenor Karo Mumkin Show 2010’ were turned into on-ground projects, to be launched later this year.
  • Fariha Ambreen idea is to collect waste papers from different sources/locations, recycle them into notebooks and distribute them for the education of needy children. Her vision is to see a clean Pakistan, an educated Pakistan.
  • Abdul Haq Mohiuddin, a graduate of NED university dreams to see an educated Pakistan. This prompted him to come up with idea of each graduating student of NED giving Rs. 100 to help an under privileged child in his education. Each graduating batch of NED and if replicated by other universities would be able to donate enough money to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan.