Middle East Discount Rate Offer

TalkShawk brings you the lowest rates to Saudi Arabia and UAE!

Now All Telenor TalkShawk subscribers can call their loved ones at discounted rates to Saudi Arabia (Mobile) and UAE (Landline/ Mobile) 24 hours of the day, without any subscription!


Offer Details

Call Saudi Arabia for Rs 4.99/30s and UAE for Rs 5.99/30s only!

  • No Subscription Required
  • New Rates Valid 24 hours of the day

Discounted Tariffs are given below:


Price Plan
(30 Sec pulse)
Setup charge + tax 1st 30
1st 30 sec Price
+ tax
2nd Pulse onwards 2nd pulse onwards
+ tax
TalkShawk 30 sec, TalkShawk 24 hrs, TalkShawk 63, TalkShawk Har sec ,
All djuice
0 5.99 7.16 5.99 7.16


Price plan (per min) Setup charge + tax 1st min Price 1st min Price
+ tax
min onwards
2nd min onwards
+ tax
TalkShawk Har min, TalkShawk A1 0 11.98 14.32 11.98 14.32


  • How can customer activate this offering?
    There is no need to activate. Just dial the Saudi Arabia Mobile or UAE land/Mobile number to avail the new discounted rates.
  • What is the time window during which customer can call at discounted rates?
    There is no time window for this offer. Call any time of the day or night to take advantage of these new lowest rates.
  • What will happen in case of price plan change / migration?
    This offer is valid on all Talk Shawk Price Plans.
  • Subscribers of which pre-paid price plans can avail this offer?
    This offer is valid on all Talk Shawk Price Plans.
  • What is the charging pulse for discounted Minutes?
    Per 30 sec charging for TalkShawk 30 Sec, TalkShawk Har Sec, TalkShawk 63, TalkShawk 24 Hrs, for TalkShawk Har Min & TalkShawk A1
  • Can the new prices be availed on countries other than KSA & UAE?
    No, the discount is available only on calls to KSA Mobile & UAE (Landline/ Mobile)