Talkshawk Economy

24 Hrs Poora Pakistan Offer

Let your voice reach everyone! With Telenor Talkshawk Economy!

Now call on all networks at amazing call rates with Telenor Talkshawk Economy. This service allows you to talk to your friends and family on all networks at very low call rates along with the freedom to recharge through Easyload and a lot more.

Offer Details

  • From 1st October onwards, Talkshawk 24 Hrs customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk economy for Rs. 10 (inclusive of tax). Talkshawk Har Minute, Har Second, A1, 75 prepaid customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk economy for Rs. 10 (inclusive of tax)
    • With IVR Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax
    • Or with SMS Sending "Migrate" to 345: Rs.2/SMS exclusive of tax.
    • (Click here to view migration procedure)
  • Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.
  • 15% withholding tax and 10% service charges will be charged on recharge.
  • 19.5% FED applies on usage and 11.95 paisa call setup will be charged on every call.

Charges and Information

 To another Telenor number.  Rs. 2.0 +Tax(per min)
 To any other Mobile number

 Rs. 2.0 +Tax(per min)

 To any other PTCL number

 Rs. 2.0 +Tax(per min)

 Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6am - 6pm)

 Rs. 0.90+Tax (per min)

 Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6pm - 6am)

 Rs. 1.50 +Tax(per min)

 International Call FnF Rates

 Rs. 1.50 +Tax(per min)

 Inclusive of Interconnect and long distance charges. 
 All outgoing calls/airtime usage is subject to 19.5% CED only.
 Free Services  

 All Incoming Calls

 Caller Line Identification (CLI)
 Call Waiting
 Conference Calling (subscription)  
 Roaming (anywhere in Pakistan)
 Outgoing  Rs. 1.50 +Tax
 Incoming  Free

 Outgoing International

 Rs. 5+Tax


 MMS, internet & WAP


Local MMS Sending  
Size Charge
< 100 KB 6 PKR
100<x<200 KB 12 PKR
200<x<300 KB 18 PKR
International MMS Sending  
Size Charge
< 100 KB 17.99 PKR
100<x<200 KB 35.98 PKR
200<x<300 KB 53.97 PKR



 Internet/WAP Usage (Upload/Download per MB)

 Rs. 18


 Internet Bundle

 Subscription Method

 Dial (*345*901#) to subscribe to Daily Mobile Internet Package


 PKR 10 (including tax)

 Volume Limit

 3 MB


 1 Day

 Charging Pulse

 1 KB

 Bundle Balance Inquiry through USSD

Dial *999# @ Rs. 0.24 Incl. Tax

 Default Charges

 Use internet on the go for PKR 1.13/64KB (inclusive of all charges)

 Missed Call Alerts



 Rs. 30 + tax
* From 25th March 2013, Talkshawk Economy price plan rates will be revised to Rs 1.8/min (both onnet & offnet).

Handset Settings:
To download Internet settings Send "ALL" to 131

Telenor talkshawk economy Friends & Family (F&F) Offer:
  • 5 minutes FREE after EVERY 5 minutes during call on all Telenor FnF numbers. (This is Limited time Offer)
  • Telenor to International numbers (USA (L/M), Canada (L/M) and UK (L), China (L/M), Singapore (L/M), Spain (L), Hong Kong (M) only) Friends & Family rate is Rs 1.5 per min
      • Telenor to Telenor Friends & Family rate is Rs. 0.90 + Tax from 6am to 6pm and 1.50+Tax from 6pm to 6am per min

Content Services

  • SMS Content 101 short code Rs. 0.25 + content charges
  • MMS-WAP content Content charges + GPRS session charge

Content Download Charges (Basic Downloads)

  • Polyphonic Ringtones Rs. 5.00
  • Mono Content Rs. 2.00
  • Java games Rs. 25.00
  • Background/Logo/Wallpapers Rs. 5.00
  • Screensavers Rs. 5.00
How to Migrate to talkshawk economy:
  • Write "migrate" and send SMS to 345
  • The following menu will be received
    Dear customer, please select the Price plan. Reply with your choice as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
    • 1 -Talkshawk 75
    • 2- talkshawk economy
    • 3- Djuice
    • 4- Djuice Din raat
    • 5- Talkshawk 24 hour
  • Reply with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
  • Price Plan will be changed shortly (and subscriber will receive a confirmation SMS in case of successful Migration)
  • On change of Package Plan, all purchased Bundles of SMS and free minutes will be confiscated

click here for International Call Rates

Terms and Conditions

  • International FnF number needs to be preceded by 00 and the country prefix. E.g. to enter a UK FnF you need to add 00 followed by 44 (UK country prefix) followed by the number.
  • Subscriber can administrate these numbers by calling 555 or sending
  • SMS to 345.
  • F&F Administration Channels from 25th October onwards
    • Send an SMS ("Add", "delete", "Modify") to 7777
        • Dial *7777#
  • Where is the position at which you want to place the FnF number at (will be from 1 to 3) and is the mobile/PTCL number that you want as your FnF
  • Friends & Family administration charges through SMS are Rs.2 per SMS
  • 3 Telenor Friends & Family numbers are available, subscribers have the option of either having all Friends & Family numbers as Telenor to Telenor. They can even have 3 numbers as Telenor to other Mobile Operators.
  • Friends & Family rates apply 6am-6pm for onnet.
  • Friends & Family functionality on all talkShawk subscribers has already been activated (there are no activation charges for this service).
  • Standard CED and taxes apply.


You can recharge your Telenor talkshawk in one of the following two ways:
  • Scratch Cards 
  • easyload

Recharge with Scratch Cards
  • You can recharge your Telenor talkshawk subscription by loading scratch cards of the following denominations: Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.500 and Rs.1000. 
  • Please remove the protective coating to see the 14-digit card number that you need to enter for recharging.
  • You can now use the 14-digit number to recharge your Telenor talkshawk in one of the following three ways:
 Go to talkshawk menu in your SIM
  • Select prepaid services.
  • Select recharge.
  • Enter 14-digit scratch card number.
Recharge via calling 555 from your mobile phone
  • Scratch the 14 digit code
  • Dial 555 and follow the instructions
  • Enter 14 digit number when prompted
Dial *555*14-digit number# from your mobile phone and press Send/OK button.

SMS example:

Your account was updated with Rs. 454.55. Current Balance is Rs. 1500.00.
  • Via calling 555 from your mobile phone
Once you have entered the 14-digit scratch card number, you will receive an incoming SMS confirming that you have recharged your Telenor talkshawk connection.

Recharge With easyload
Now you can decide how much you want to pay to recharge your Telenor talkshawk account. Use easyload!

Visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre, Franchise or easyload Agent and recharge your Telenor talkshawk account from anywhere between Rs. 20 and Rs. 5,000.

You get ultimate flexibility with easyload – Load any amount from Rs. 20 to Rs. 5000. ("unlimited validity" needs to be omitted as Talkshawk does not offer unlimited validity).

How it works
  • Visit any Telenor easyload retailer.
  • Ask the easyload retailer to credit your account with the required amount.
  • Give the easyload retailer your Telenor talkshawk number along with the payment.
  • The easyload retailer will transfer the required balance to your account.
  • You will receive an SMS confirming that your Telenor talkshawk account has been recharged worth the amount you have paid (10% tax will be deducted automatically from the transferred amount).
  • You can check your new balance by dialing *444# and press Ok/Send button from your Telenor talkshawk , by dialing 555 from your Talkshwk subscription or via Telenor SIM Menu.
  • If you have trouble recharging your account please call 345 from your Telenor talkshawk for assistance.

With effect of 17/03/2011, 19.5% FED applies on usage
11.5% withholding tax at recharge

Balance Inquiry

Check your Telenor talkshawk balance in one of the following two ways:
  • Via Short Code.
  • Via Telenor SIM Menu.
Via Short Code

Dial *444# from your Telenor talkshawk.
Press Send:
You will receive your balance as display text on your handset.

Via Telenor SIM Menu
  • Select the following from your Telenor handset:
  • Telenor Services.
  • talkshawk Services.
  • Balance.
  • You will receive your balance as display text on your handset.
Scratch Cards Validity
  • Rs. 1000 360 days
  • Rs. 500 180 days
  • Rs. 250 90 days
  • Rs. 100 30 days
Easyload Validity
  • Rs. 1000 and above 360 days
  • Rs. 500 to 999 180 days
  • Rs. 250 to 499 90 days
  • Rs. 100 to 249 30 days
  • Rs. 20 to 99 15 days

Hot Codes

Menu Level Package Type Option Reached English-Urdu

Package info and conversion

Prepaid Package info and Package conversion 345661-345662


  • What are the charges in case I have lost my SIM and I need a new one?
    You can get Duplicate SIM at the price of Rs.60 this purpose the SIM needs to be in your name.

      • Where can I buy new Telenor talkshawk subscription?
        Telenor Prepaid is available in over 1100 destinations. You can buy the connection from Telenor Sales and Service Centre, Franchise and Telenor sales outlets.
  • What is there in a new Telenor talkshawk Starter pack?
    A new talkshawk prepaid starter pack contains a new talkshawk prepaid SIM and a user guide explaining how to get started.
  • How do I recharge my Telenor talkshawk subscription by using a Telenor scratch card?
    There are three ways to recharge your talkshawk subscription using a Telenor scratch card:
      • Go to talkshawk menu in your SIM
        • a. Select prepaid services.
        • b. Select recharge.
        • c. Enter 14-digit scratch card number.
      • Recharge via calling 555 from your mobile phone
        • a. Scratch the 14 digit code
        • b. Dial 555 and follow the instructions
        • c. Enter 14 digit number when prompted
      • Dial *555*14-digit number# from your mobile phone and press Send/OK button.

  • How do I check my balance?
    There are three ways you can check your balance:
      • Go to Telenor menu in your SIM
        • a. Select prepaid services
        • b. Select balance
      • 2. Dial *444# from your talkshawk subscription and press OK/Send button to get your balance checked(Charges: 24 Paisa )
      • 3. Dial 555 from your talkshawk subscription and press 2 for balance inquiry.
  • Can I get a Telenor talkshawk number of my own choice?
    Yes, you can get a special number of your choice if it's available and not already sold to somebody else. Please check by visiting the nearest Telenor Sales & Service Center.
  • How can I access and download ringtones, pictures and games?
    There are two ways to access and download contents.
    • Via the Telenor Web site
      • Log on to Content_Download.
      • Access Content Page for access to content catalogue.
      • Choose content item for download from various categories.
      • Follow the instructions i.e. content key word and code.
    • Via Telenor WAP Portal.
      • Log on to Telenor WAP portal from your mobile phone.
      • Access the content page and respective content item for downloads.
      • Please note that the content is directly downloadable from WAP portal.
      • Moreover, there are other new items that could be accessed and read from WAP portal.
      • What do I need to do before I start to download content?
      • It is important to note that the content download is handset dependent. Check if your handset supports the content, you are trying to download by visiting or call 345 for assistance. Moreover, some content are GPRS dependent, kindly configure your handset for GPRS settings before downloading such content.
  • What is WAP?
    WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, a standard for providing cellular phones, pagers and other handheld devices with secure access to e-mail and text-based Web pages.
  • What is the Telenor prepaid WAP Portal?
    Telenor prepiad WAP portal is a customized internet portal which can be accessed by Talkshawk subscribers on their mobile phones.
  • What is GPRS?
    GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a service whereby a customer can browse the internet via mobile phone. Moreover, customers can use their mobile phones as external modems, sync them to their laptops /computers and browse the internet via GPRS.
  • What is MMS?
    MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. You can send and receive multimedia content such as audio/video clips and pictures using MMS service. It is important to note that one's mobile phone needs to be configured for MMS settings to use MMS service.
  • How can I configure my handset settings for GPRS/WAP and MMS?
    You can set up your handset for GPRS/WAP and MMS in the following ways:
      • Via Telenor Prepaid Website
        • Log on to talkshawk website
        • Go to handset settings page.
        • Select your handset, model type and desired settings and save the settings retrieved OTA (over the air).
        • Incase settings are not available on website.
      • Via Call Centre
            • Call 345 and speak to Customer relations officer for settings.
  • Can I take my Telenor talkShawk subscription and use it abroad?
    Yes, you can take your talkshawk SIM to the follwing listed countries,
Sr.No Operator Country
1 TDCA  Afghanistan
2 Areeba Afghanistan
3 Etisalat Afgh Afghanistan
4 Orascom Algeria
5 Optus Australia
6 Azercell Telecom Azerbaijan
7 Grameen Phone Bangladesh
8 Axiata Bangladesh Bangladesh
9 Warid Bangladesh Bangladesh
10 KPN Belgium  Belgium
11 Mobistar  Belgium
12 Rogers Canada
13 Fido  Canada
14 Areeba Cyprus
15 Etisalat Egypt Egypt
16 Mobinil Egypt
17 Bougeuys France
18 Orange France France
19 O2 Germany
20 Cosmote Greece
21 CSL Hong Kong
22 Pannon Hungary
23 Axis  Indonesia
24 Kartel  Kazakhstan
25 Kcell Kazakhstan
26 Wataniya KW  Kuwait
27 Digi Malaysia
28 Wataniya Maldives  Maldives
29 Go Mobile Malta
30 Promonte  Montenegro
31 Two Degrees New Zealand
32 TnM  Norway
33 Maritime Norway
34 Aeromobile  Norway
35 Nawras Oman
36 TMN  Portugal
37 Megafon Russia
38 Mobily  Saudi
39 STC Saudi
40 Zain  Saudi
41 Telenor Serbia Serbia
42 Mobile One  Singapore
43 Mobitel Slovenia Slovenia
44 MTN SA  South Africa
45 Cell C South Africa
46 Orange Spain  Spain
47 Telefonica Spain Spain
48 Mobitel  Sri Lanka
49 Telenor Sweden
50 Zain Tanzania  Tanzania
51 Vodacom Tanzania
52 AIS  Thailand
53 DTAC Thailand
54 Tunisie  Tunisia
55 Telsim (Vodafone) Turkey
56 Turkcell  Turkey
57 Avea Turkey
58 Etisalat  UAE
60 Vodafone UK  UK
61 T Mobile UK UK
62 Kivystar  Ukraine
63 UMC Ukraine
64 Coscom  Uzbekistan
  • What do I need to do before I can use International Roaming when I am abroad?
    You need to have your International Roaming activated by visiting the nearest Telenor Service Center or Calling helpline 345 before traveling abroad.
  • How do I provide feedback on talkshawk?
    You can provide feedback on your talkshawk subscription by filling in the online help form available on or call 345 and speak to one of our customer relations officers.
  • What are the terms & conditions regarding suspension, termination or disconnection of service?
    If the customer 's account has been too low to perform any chargeable activity or the validity of the recharge has been expired for a continuous period of 90 days, Telenor may terminate the account, seize the account balance and recycle the number. If there is no outgoing chargeable activity by the customer for a continuous period of 1 year, irrespective of the account balance of the customer, Telenor may also terminate this account, size the account balance and recycle the number.