Talkshawk Gold Customer Offer

Gold Customer Offer

Maintain your recharge of Rs. 2000 or more per month to become Talkshawk Gold customer

Gold Customers golden rewards:

  • Priority Servicing at Service centers and Franchises
  • Free Replacement SIM
  • Free on net minutes
  • Free Handsets and Mobile phone Discount offers
  • Free Shopping at Alfatah and Metro, Food at Pizza Hut and Cinema tickets at your favorite cinemas
  • Surprise Gifts


It’s all automatic, all you need is to recharge Rs. 2000 or more for two consecutive months and wait for our special SMS which will come from TelenorGOLD

Opt In:

Once you get the automated SMS, just follow the instructions and choose your reward** from the list of rewards from the special IVR


Physical Vouchers:Sit back after making your choice. All winners will be contacted via SMS within a month of making their choices

Priority Servicing at Service Centers: Just show the special SMS you received when you enter the service center

Call Center Servicing: All Talkshawk Gold customers will be automatically made part of the priority queue the Gold Queue

SIM Replacement: Lost or Damaged SIM? No worries, SIM replacement is free once a month for our Gold Customers

*On net minutes will be rewarded within 24 hours of selection from the system
** Rewards can be opted once every 30 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I be part of the Program?
    Customer just needs to recharge Rs. 2000 or more per month. Telenor will calculate monthly average recharge for Talkshawk customers for the past 2 months. So if customer recharged Rs. 4000 in any one month of the last 2 months and he will be included in the program. Smart share received is not added towards recharge on that number
  • Which customer type can participate?
    Only individual customers having Talkshawk packages will be eligible for the program
  • How would a customer know if he is part of the program?
    Customer who are part of the program will be sent a special SMS from “Telenor Gold” with instruction on how to opt for reward of choice on first come first served basis
  • How would a customer be able to Opt in?
    Opt in instructions will be sent along the SMS
  • What happens when customer opts in for a reward?
    For On net minutes rewards, the customer will get the reward maximum within 24 hours
  • How will the customer use the voucher?
    Customer will just need to take the voucher at the partner outlet and present it. It’s as good as making a cash purchase. Vouchers cannot be exchanged with cash
  • Can an opted in reward be opted out?
    Reward that has been opted once cannot be reverted
  • I am not a subscriber of Telenor. Can I participate?
    Unfortunately no. But if you wish, you can be part of the program by getting Telenor SIM with Talkshawk package and recharge Rs. 2000 or more on a monthly basis for two consecutive months
  • I am a postpaid subscriber why am I not part of the program?
    At this time only Talkshawk are part of the program. Certainly we also want to reward our postpaid loyal customers which we will announce in the near future
  • What rewards can a customer get?
    Customer can get free on net minutes, Shopping vouchers of different brands, Movie vouchers, free handsets, priority treatment in call center, WIC and Franchise as well as 1 replacement SIM per month as a reward
  • How do I get priority treatment at Service Centers and Franchises ?
    You will just need to show the special SMS (Telenor Gold) that Telenor sent you. Show it to the Franchise or WIC staff. They will treat you on priority because you deserve this
  • How do I get priority treatment at Call center?
    Our system automatically identifies your number as a special number and gives it priority over the other customers waiting in the Queue. We are for sure concerned about the customers time
  • How will I get the free replacement SIM at doorstep?
    You just need to place order for the replacement SIM by calling 345. SIM delivery will be given on the Swift SIM delivery cities only