Talkshawk Friends Finder

Friend Finder is an exciting service that allows Telenor subscribers todiscuss various topics pertaining to sports, poetry, music, general knowledge, health and much more!

To start simply send TALK to 5111 ( Rs. 1+Tax/SMS )



Service Mechanics

  • To get started simply send the command TALK to the 5111.
  • To take part in a group, just select a group from the list of groups sent to you in response to the TALK command.
  • Once in a group you can undertake the following actions:
    • Interact with users in a group (Send a message to everyone/ receive messages)
    • Leave a discussion group

Service Commands

To start
Send TALK to 5111

To enter a discussion group
Select a group from the list of groups sent to you when you send TALK to 5111 ( Rs. 1+Tax/SMS )

To chat with other users in a discussion group
Reply to group messages or send a message to the group short code

To get a list of users in a group
reply with "list" to a group message.

To leave a group
Reply EXIT to a group message

For Help
send 'help' to 5111