Talkshawk MMS

Enjoy sending images, audio clips, and text to any mobile or email and share the moment instantly with Telenor's Multimedia Messaging Service!

You can send and receive real photos, color pictures, audio clips, text or a combination of the three with your MMS enabled mobile phone to another MMS enabled mobile phone or to any e-mail address.




  • Before you start, you need to activate your handset for receiving and sending MMS.
  • For handset configuration send a SMS with text 'mms' to 131.
  • Once you have sent the SMS for MMS configuration, you will receive MMS settings in the form of an SMS which you need to save.
  • Charges for sending MMS as as follows:

    Local MMS Sending  
    Size Charge
    < 100 KB 6 PKR
    100<x<200 KB 12 PKR
    200<x<300 KB 18 PKR
    International MMS Sending  
    Size Charge
    < 100 KB 18 PKR
    100<x<200 KB 36 PKR
    200<x<300 KB 54 PKR
  • However, there are no charges for receiving MMS.
  • National and International MMS Size should not exceed 300 Kb.

If your handset does not support MMS and someone has sent you an MMS, you will get an SMS with the URL and the message ID to view the message.

Please click here and use your message ID to view your MMS.