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Help your loved ones to stay connected when they are out of credit!

With Telenor's Smart Share you can now share your Telenor Prepaid credit with any of your friends or family who are also using a Telenor Prepaid connection. Share anything between Rs. 15 to Rs. 200 from your credit, and your loved ones receive the total amount transferred! Relish the unlimited joys of sharing


How to Share:

  • To share an amount type the following code on the mobile phone screen and send: *1*1*9234XXXXXXXX*Amount# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer. E.g. to share Rs. 100 with a prepaid number 03451234567, type and send: *1*1*923451234567*100# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer. The sender would be charged at Rs. 3.99+tax.

More ways to share balance

  • Customers can now send Smart Share by typing mobile number in the format 03xxxxxxxxx i.e. customer can now type *1*1*03xxxxxxxxx*Amount#
  • Customers can now send Smart Share by typing mobile number in the format 00923xxxxxxxxx i.e. customer can now type *1*1*00923xxxxxxxxx*Amount#
  • Customers can now send Smart Share by typing mobile number in the format 923xxxxxxxxx i.e. customer can now type *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount#

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Once the balance is transferred the sender will receive a confirmation of transaction and the receiver will get a confirmation SMS as well.
Smart Share will not increase the Validity of your account.


Please note that it is the subscriber's responsibility to specify the correct number & amount in the string. Telenor will not be responsible in case the customer makes a mistake in sending Smart Share.

Prepaid Balance or Airtime should not be sold for cash using Smart Share. Telenor reserves the right to suspend or terminate the subscriptions that are involved in selling of balance using Smart Share.


How do I activate/subscribe to Smart Share?
Call 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre to get Smart Share activated on your Telenor prepaid subscription.

How do I deactivate the Smart Share service?
To deactivate the Smart Share service, please call to 345 or visit your nearest Telenor Sales & Service Centre/franchise with your original National Identity Card.

Is this service offered for both prepaid and postpaid customers?
No, currently Smart Share (sending and receiving) is being offered for PREPAID customers only.

Can I share my credit with any Telenor Prepaid number?
Yes, you can share your credit with all Telenor Pakistan Prepaid numbers.

Can I share my balance with Telenor Post-paid numbers or other networks?
No, this service is currently limited to sharing credit between all Telenor Prepaid packages only. Post-paid numbers, or other networks cannot send or receive credit from any Telenor Prepaid or Post-paid number.

Do I need to dial Smart Share string or send the Smart Share over SMS?
You have to type the Smart Share string on the mobile phone screen, just as you dial any other number to call. Do not type the Smart Share string in an SMS.

How do I send credit to Telenor Prepaid numbers starting from 0345 and 0346?
For Telenor Prepaid numbers starting with 0345, you send the string *1*1*92345XXXXXXX*Amount# and for numbers starting with 0346, you send the string *1*1*92346XXXXXXX*Amount#

Is there any charge for Smart Share?
Yes, the transferer/sender will be charged Rs.3.99+tax per transaction. For example, if you send Rs. 100, your friend will receive Rs. 100, and there will be no deduction of the transaction fee that your loved ones have to bear.

Can I send any amount I want?
Yes, you can send any amount between Rs. 15 and Rs. 200. Make sure that you send an amount that is a whole number e.g. 23, and not a decimal number e.g. Rs.23.50.

Can I send Smart Share to any Telenor number abroad?
Smart Share is currently limited to Telenor Prepaid connections in the following international locations where Telenor offer international roaming on prepaid subscription:

Afghanistan Maldives Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Montenegro Sweden
Belgium Norway Switzerland
Cyprus Oman Tanzania
Egypt Portugal Thailand
France Saudi Arabia Turkey
Germany Serbia Ukraine
Greece Singapore United Arab Emirates
Hungary Slovenia United Kingdom
Ireland South Africa
Kazakhstan Spain

I sent a Smart Share to a friend who had just bought a Telenor Prepaid, but failed. Why?

Smart Share can be sent from or received on Telenor Prepaid packages that have been recharged at least once through scratch cards. Hence, recharge only once with scratch cards and try again.

Does Smart Share extend my connection validity period like scratch card and easyload?
No, Smart Share does not extend the validity/expiry period of your Telenor Prepaid connection. Your validity period remains the same. Hence, you must recharge through scratch cards or easyload to save your connection from expiry if your validity period is expiring.

Will I get my money refunded by Telenor if I mistakenly transfer balance to a wrong number?
No, you are responsible to write both , the correct amount you want to share and the number you want to transfer it to.