Bill Receiving Options

Telenor Business customers receive a regular monthly invoice. As a customer you enjoy a good amount of control over this invoice. Following are just some of the features of the invoice:
  • Details of your Telenor Business Package 
  • A brief history of Transactions (invoices & payments) for your ready reference 
  • Easy to read & understand format 
  • Charges split into types of services used- international calls, landline calls, Value added services, International Roaming etc. 
  • Detail of each outgoing call, SMS or GPRS session with date, time, origin, destination, duration, charges & the discount applied on the call 
  • Complete visibility of free minutes- summary as well as detail 
  • Every aspect under your control- level of detail, delivery mode and delivery week 
  • Invoice delivery time of your choice 
  • Invoice detail level according to your preference 
  • Delivery mode of your choice- courier, email or fax 

Choice of Invoice Delivery Week:

Depending on your billing cycle, the invoice generation process starts on 7 th , 14 th or 21 st of each month. The invoice contains the usage for the thirty-day period preceding the three dates. If email or fax has been opted, the invoice is received within next three business days. In case you have opted to receive the invoice by courier, it takes three more days.

You can specify the format of the invoice you wish to receive by calling at 345 from your Telenor number.

Invoice Detail Options:

You have the option to receive invoice in either of the following modes:

  • Summary- A summary invoice contains package plan information, brief account history, and summary of free minutes (available & utilized). Summary invoice typically spans two pages. Subscribers on Easy price plan will be charged Rs. 25+tax for summary courier service.
  • Itemized- An itemized invoice contains all the information that the summary invoice contains plus a section more. This additional section is called Itemized Call Detail . It contains detail of each outgoing call, SMS or MMS sent, or GPRS session established. These call records appear with date and time of call, origin, destination number, destination place, duration and charges. Against each individual session the discount is shown to demonstrate how the quota of free minutes was utilized on an individual call basis.

    You will be charged Rs. 50 for Itemized courier in your monthly bill.

    To change the format of the invoice you wish to receive, you can call at 345.

Available Invoice Delivery Modes:

You can receive Telenor Business invoice either by email (recommended) , by fax or by courier.

In case you wish to receive the invoice via Email or Fax, kindly send us a request through email . Please include following details:


Invoice format (Please mention one: Summary –or- Itemized)
Postpaid number(s) (Please mention all Telenor postpaid phone numbers for which you wish to receive invoices through the new mode)
Any one of the following two:
a. Fax number
b. Email address
(Please send an email from the address at
which you wish to receive the invoice)