Telenor Pakistan has made continuous progress in strengthening its internal controls in a bid to curb and eliminate any incidence of financial corruption and corrupt practices. The prime tool in this effort to stamp out corruption, as and where it may occur, is an effective Anti-Corruption Policy which, inter alia, aims to achieve the following objectives: 1. Limit any legal risk and financial exposure associated with graft 2. Create a conducive business environment 3. Prevent the wastage of financial resources 4. Avoid reputational damage Awareness of the policy, and the obligations it creates for individual employees, is paramount for the purpose of achieving the said objectives. The Anti-Corruption Support Team, which is an amalgamation of key resources from the Legal Team and Corporate Communications Team, have been entrusted with this critical task of spreading constructive and functional knowledge of the policy. Consequently, various online tools as well as scenario training sessions have been offered and pursued with the employee-base of Telenor Pakistan. The Legal Team, which is the owner of the Anti-Corruption Policy, have received multiple queries seeking advice on whether or not a particular act, often intended to be taken in the course of business, falls foul of the Policy. Ambition: Drawing on the effectiveness of the trainings, and the remarkable response received from the employees, the Legal Team intends to continue to advocate our anti-corruption stance, undertake roadshows and hold internal seminars to further spread awareness of the policy and strive to achieve zero-tolerance for all corrupt practices.


Universal Services Fund

Universal Services Fund (USF) promotes development of Telecom service in un-served and under-served areas. It aims to increase the level of telecom and Broadband penetration both in urban and rural areas of the country to bring significant advances towards enhancement of e-services. Telenor Pakistan has been awarded three projects by USF:



By virtue of these projects, Telenor Pakistan has been able to connect 3 remote undeserved districts impacting a total population of 1,480,201.