Karo Mumkin

Today, our customers’ needs are changing dramatically according to local market conditions. Both the telecom industry’s and our customers’ requirements have changed beyond all recognition. We need a brand that focuses and guides us to the future, that makes us stand out from the competition in a positive, distinct and relevant way and that helps us to deliver a tangible difference to our customers.

Where we stand today not only has our business changed, but also our ambitions and the behaviour of our customers. We envision ourselves conquering new horizons and want to touch every Pakistani, helping them get more out of their lives.

Whether it’s a company or an individual, if you challenge the impossible, then you start realizing the possibilities. Inspired with the same spirit, Telenor decided to go far beyond cellular services, expanding into areas of financial services and data communication through its initiatives, products and services. This propelled us towards refreshing our vision and goals for the coming years.

Telenor Pakistan helps individuals realize their potential and empowers them through opportunities to achieve their goals – Karo Mumkin

Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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