Telenor Group and Vision

Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with 170 million subscribers across Scandinavia and Asia. It has a workforce of over 22,000 employees committed to responsible business conduct and driven by the ambition of empowering societies. Our purpose of connecting customers to what matters most has been the core of our business for more than 160 years.

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Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor Group and has a footprint spanning throughout the country. With a subscriber base of over 43 Million, it is the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan. Telenor launched its operations in Pakistan in 2005 and has a workforce of over 1,900 employees.


Socioeconomic Impact

Since our launch in 2005, Telenor Pakistan has put the mission of empowering Pakistan at the core of our business. We have invested more than USD 3.5 billion to bring new services to our customers and advance digital and financial inclusion to the underserved. Our mission is to connect Pakistanis to what matters most.

We are a Pakistani company that has consistently demonstrated our long-term commitments to the country, such as the recent completion of our new $75M Islamabad headquarters named ‘345’. Telenor Pakistan proudly serves more than 43 million mobile customers while delivering products and services that matter in their daily lives. With a network of over 11,000 sites, Telenor Pakistan covers over 80% of Pakistan’s population.

It is our ambition and responsibility to contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of Pakistan. Acting with accountability and transparency, since our inception, we have contributed over PKR 290B to the Pakistani exchequer in lieu of direct and indirect taxes.


Creating a Digital Ecosystem

Aiming to empower Pakistan through digitalization, Telenor has developed a comprehensive digital ecosystem that offers technology-enabled gadgetry to facilitate digital penetration across all economic tiers. We a vision to empower society, an aim is to bring benefits of digital communication to the people of Pakistan and an ambition to assist the Government of Pakistan’s digitization agenda.

We have built a strong and engaging customer relationship, where we offers the most personalized and contextual offers to satisfy each customer’s digital need. My Telenor app is an example on how Telenor’s customers can easily fix any service related issues by being in the comfort of their homes and following simple instructions. With the launch of Digital Customer TouchPoint, the company has introduced the concept of self-servicing for GSM as well as Easypaisa related services.

The company’s portfolio of digital products on top of its core telco offering further bolsters its commitment towards customers and digitization. Khushhal Zamindar is another example of Telenor’s award-winning mAgri product that aims to help small-scale farmers improve their yield by multi-folds. It is a free-of-cost IVR service that provides localized advisory services. It is currently used by 4 million farmers across Punjab with 20 percent of them being women. The Digital Birth Registration piloted by Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with UNICEF aims at augmenting the rate of birth registrations across the rural areas of Sind and Punjab. The initiative not only increased birth registration rates over 200% percent, but also helped innumerable children reclaim their right to identity besides enabling the government to keep track of the population dynamics.

Easypaisa’s online payment solution Easypay has accelerated the country’s e-commerce sector by eliminating barriers in its progress. Easypay’s Escrow service gives online buyers the level of trust and reliability by withholding payments to the vendors till the buyer receives the ordered merchandise and expresses his/her satisfaction. Easypaisa mobile app enables users of other cellular networks to use Easypaisa right from the comfort of their phone screens. From recharging their mobile accounts, making cash transactions, to paying bills, the app continues to empower the Pakistani people and promote financial inclusion on a mass scale.

Telenor also focuses on digital inclusion through accelerator programs for startups and has successfully developed an ecosystem, in the form of Telenor Velocity that truly champions the cause of enabling young entrepreneurs for scaling their startup ventures.

Telenor Velocity is Telenor Pakistan’s digital startup accelerator which is one of the most sought after accelerators programs in the country. It identifies and enables promising startups to materialize their growth potential by using Telenor Pakistan’s scale and assets under expert mentorship.


Sustainable Development 

Telenor Pakistan contributes towards the sustainable development of the society through various initiatives that revolve around Mobile Identity, Digital Learning, Safe use of Internet, Inclusion, Health and Emergency Response. Rehabilitating 44 schools in 4 flood affected districts, Telenor Pakistan initiated a SAFE Internet school outreach program that targeted primary schools in various districts for digital learning initiatives. Moreover through programs like iChamp, Telenor Pakistan is raising awareness on the safe use and benefits of internet along with educating our youth on how to stay safe online.

The right to identity is a basic human right yet two out of three children in Pakistan are not registered. Telenor Pakistan is enabling the masses by providing them Digital Birth Registration, in collaboration with UNICEF, Which is a gateway to other amenities as a citizen such as health, education, and civic services.

Telenor Pakistan has also created dignified opportunities for persons with disabilities aiming to make them a valuable resource to the economy and thereby becoming the most disabled-friendly organization in Pakistan.

Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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