Teams and Roles

Every department at Telenor Pakistan is shaping the future of our society! 

We work together! Although we have many departments, we operate as one at Telenor Pakistan and share a common goal: to create the best experience for our customers!

At Telenor Pakistan, the departments work together through cross functional teams to make a stronger organization. Telenor Pakistan promises exciting career opportunities in the following areas



The Commercial Division is responsible for understanding our customers' needs, the market and the competition. Our marketers are primarily responsible for developing the Company's go-to-market strategies, promotions and products, brand philosophy and communication.

Positions exist in many areas, including Segments, Business Intelligence, Sales & Distribution, Brands, Product Development, Value Added Services, etc.

Customer Care

The Customer Care Division is responsible for managing all customer service touch points including the call center and our sales & service centers located across the country. 

Careers in the Customer Care Division include areas such as Customer Services, Sales & Service Center professionals, Service Excellence, Insourcing, etc. 

Human Capital

The value Telenor places on our employees knows no bounds and this division reflects our commitment to the company's most important asset, its human resource.

Positions in Human Capital exist in areas such as HR services, human resource business partnering, and center of excellence. 


Planning, Implementation and Operation of our expansive network is the core responsibility of our  Technology Division . It also provides enterprise services internally that enable us to work and share information.

The division promises challenging careers in areas such as RAN Planning and Optimization, Network Operations, Technology Strategy, Business Support System, etc.

Financial Services

The Financial Services department manages the mobile financial services launched by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank under the 'Easypaisa' banner. The vision of Easypaisa is to provide convenient, reliable, secure and speedy financial services. 

The division is our latest green-field operations and provides career opportunities in Pricing & Strategy, Products & System Operations, etc.


The Finance Division aims to fulfill all financial requirements while minimizing the risks involved on the financial and accounting sides to ensure Telenor remains a vibrant and healthy enterprise. 

Careers in finance include areas such as Business Planning & Analysis, Risk & Assurance Management, Financial Control, etc

Corporate Affairs

These areas promise exhilarating career options for those who enjoy working on stakeholder management, long term strategy and special projects. Career opportunities are available in areas such as Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Legal, Regulatory and Public & Government Affairs

Telenor Global Shared Services

Telenor Global Shared Services Pakistan is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Telenor Pakistan, incorporated in July 2009.

TGSS careers include working on international initiatives, in areas of accounting, finance, IT management and customer services.

Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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