Naya Aghaaz

Telenor Pakistan is proud to announce a new program called ‘’Naya Aghaaz”, meaning new beginning. With the goal of “empowering women, empowering societies’’, this program aims to provide opportunities for women to work in a corporate environment.


“We believe in building a diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees can realize their potential and contribute towards Telenor’s success. The organizations that fail to see the importance of diversity and inclusion might find that it is unable to attract and retain the kind of customers, employees, and business partners that are an integral part of our changing environment and its demands,” said Michael Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan.


This program targets women who have been on hiatus from their careers and want to re-join the corporate world, and/or mature women who had never had the opportunity to work before. The nine-month “Naya Aghaaz” program will enable Telenor to create a future talent pool of potential female employees and future female leaders for the organization.


Through this program Telenor Pakistan will be able to test out the following:

  1. Connecting with untapped potential
  2. Carrying out a unique shortlisting and testing mechanism whereby we will try to encourage women with diverse backgrounds
  3. Carry out pilots on flexible working opportunities as follows:
  • Final participants may have relocation concerns so we will test long distance working, with individual working for a project based at Head Office while living in Lahore/Karachi.


Telenor Pakistan believes that this program will lead to the establishment of new ways of attracting and acquiring a talent pool, while providing women with flexible working opportunities in order to manage their work life balance.

Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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