Naya Aghaaz

With the goal of empowering women at workplace and harness gender diversity within Telenor Pakistan’s workforce, the program provides work opportunities for women who have been on a career break to support their families or for some other personal reason.


The six-month “Naya-Aghaaz Associate” program enables Telenor to create a future Talent pool of potential female employees and future female leaders for the organization, while allowing them the quintessential “Telenor Learning experience” supported by our novel GOBeyond work model and relatable work & employee convenient office environment. This program benefits Telenor by bringing in inclusion of women from diverse backgrounds into our organization, which in return brings diversity of thought and ideas as well.


Telenor Pakistan truly believes that this program leads the establishment of new ways of attracting and acquiring a talent pool, while provisioning women with flexible working opportunities for them to manage their work life balance.


The program is a regular annual recruitment feature of TP’s culture and recruitment.


Success Story:

So far since the program’s inception, we have on-boarded 69 Naya Aghaaz associates, with successful internal placement rate of 45% collectively on different positions in Telenor Pakistan. Most of remaining are working in different corporate sector organizations.


Eligibility requirements:

  1. Women with at least 1 year of career break with 2 years of previous work experience.
  2. At least have a Bachelor’s degree and not working as a Full time employee anywhere currently

What we offer:

      • Qualifying candidates will be offered a learning Intensive work experience for 6 months.
      • After undergoing Naya Aghaaz program, Telenor may offer different positions to the best candidates.
      • Flexible Working hours as per GOBeyond work model.>

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