Open Mind Pakistan

Realizing a future full of equal opportunities

Being an equal opportunity organization, Telenor Pakistan has launched Open Mind Pakistan, which is a unique employment opportunity for disabled individuals.

This program was launched as a CSR initiative in Pakistan earlier in 2013 aiming at social inclusion of People with Disabilities (PWD) under Telenor Pakistan's flagship Disability initiative, Khuddar Pakistan.

These PWDs face either physical, visual, hearing or speech disabilities.



How does it work?

The traineeship is a stepping stone for Person with Disabilities to succeed and prove their merit in the
corporate world.

Open Mind Pakistan Program has a rigorous recruitment process which includes an online aptitude test followed by interviews, 3 months of soft-skill training and a 9 month traineeship at Telenor Pakistan.

The traineeship is followed by a candidate assessment after which the trainees are considered for job opportunities depending on availability.



Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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