Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Telenor Pakistan places great emphasis on Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) in conducting its day to day business. Our framework benchmarks international standards, global conventions and national laws in managing Occupational Health Safety Security and Environment in internal as well as our supply chain.


HSSE Ambitions:

  • Demonstrating excellent working conditions and environmental management internally
  • Requiring HSSE business conduct from suppliers
  • Making a difference in the local market and building a competitive edge


Focus Areas:

We have a systematic approach in accordance with Telenor Group framework both internally as well as for our supply chain. Key focus areas for the HSSE work are:

  • Improved HSSE performance through long-term systematic work and continuous improvement
  • Implementation of an integrated HSSE Management System
  • Persistent focus on Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Run Environmental Programs


Integrated HSSE Management System:

Telenor Pakistan has successfully implemented an Integrated HSSE management system in accordance with ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational health, safety and security, scoping internal operations. The HSSE Management System ensures a structured way of assessing and mitigating HSSE risks, with clear management involvement and direction.


Sustainability reporting in HSSE:

Telenor is committed to the disclosure of transparent and high-quality data on social and environmental performance, focusing on material issues and communicating its progress. Telenor Group annually reports on sustainability, covering all Business units including Telenor Pakistan.

  • Telenor Group reports its non-financial performance based on the internationally accepted framework of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Telenor Group reports annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on its performance related to climate change
  • Telenor Group submits information to the UN in line with ten globally accepted principles – in connection with human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption


For the 12th year in a row, Telenor Group has been named one of the top performers on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe.

CDP’s Global 500 Climate Change Report 2013 ranks Telenor Group 3rd among the world’s largest telecommunication companies. For the first time, Telenor Group has also been included in CDP’s Global 500 Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). This annual index highlights those companies listed on the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (Global 500) that demonstrate commitment to the environment.Sustainability reporting can be downloaded from following link.


Supply Chain Sustainability:

Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) is a key focus area for Telenor Pakistan. We require responsible business conduct from all our suppliers in accordance with our Supplier Conduct Principles (SCPs). This is supported by systematic monitoring and risk management. 

One of main elements of Telenor Pakistan SCS framework is supplier requirements for responsible business conduct which are described in our Supplier Conduct Principles (SCPs). The SCPs apply to all suppliers, with “supplier” being defined in a broad sense. 

Telenor Pakistan implements the SCPs through non-negotiable Agreements on Responsible Business Conduct (ABCs), which commit suppliers to implement the SCPs internally and to extend these requirements further in their own supply chains.

Telenor’s SCP and ABC framework is a mandatory part of all Telenor’s procurement processes.

HSSE Policies:

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