Sustainability at Telenor is about how we conduct business. Telenor Pakistan truly believes that success of the business goes parallel with empowerment of society. We exist not just for profitability for business but equally for the benefit of people & our country.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability at Telenor Pakistan At Telenor Pakistan we believe that success of the business is  intertwined with progress of the society. Without sustainable development of the markets we operate in, business cannot prosper.

Driven by our vision “Empower Societies” and committed to the trust our customers put in us, we exist not just for profitability but equally for the benefit of people, planet and their prosperity, leveraging on long term partnerships to help create, connected and peaceful world, with a digital future that harnesses transparency and hence, sustainability for our generations to come.

Sustainability is at the foundation of how we conduct our business, and not just a standalone risk management tool or a mix of unrelated philanthropic activities. Our strategy is built around our core i.e. leveraging the power of digital technologies to promote sustainable development and address the challenges our society faces, creating mutually beneficial  opportunities all the while mitigating risks. Our mantra for Sustainability – “Digital for Development-D4D” is the manifestation of creating ‘Shared Value’ that is scalable.

The exponential growth in digitization and anticipated universal penetration of Internet is shaping a connected world like never before. Millions of people, from different places and backgrounds, now have the opportunity to be on the same page, both literally and figuratively, a giant leap towards Reduced  Inequalities in the society.

SDG #10 Reduced Inequalities - Strategic Focus

Responsible business and sustainability are integral parts of Telenor’s business strategy. It is about how we do business. We are committed to all UN Sustainable Development Goals but with specific focus on goal #10 i.e. Reduced Inequalities. Our purpose is to empower societies. The way we run our company is based on clear standards on everything from privacy to anti-corruption, energy efficiency to human rights. We are working to continuously improve everything we do, and working with our suppliers to do the same.

Programs & Projects

Our projects are classified under three distinct areas:

  • Enable– interventions which empower and make a positive impact on underserved groups through innovative use of telecommunications/Information Communication Technologies
  • Train  – interventions that utilize Telenor Pakistan’s core competencies to build capacity of the vulnerable
  • Inform– interventions that use Telenor Pakistan’s core competency to generate socially beneficial information – this stream also includes awareness activities.

Digital for Development:

  1. Digital Birth Registration
  2. Safe Internet & School Outreach Program
  3. Internet Champion (iChamp)

Diversity & Inclusion:

  1. Open Mind Pakistan
  2. Naya Aghaz

Emergency Relief & Community Service

  1. Emergency Response
  2. Humqadam
  3. Share Your Meal

Digital Birth Registration (DBR)

Pakistan has a birth registration rate of only 33.6 percent; approximately 60 million children are unregistered. This is due to multiple social and economic factors, including insufficient resources, weak governance structures, and high costs in time and money required for birth registration. These factors are then exacerbated by a general lack of awareness regarding the benefits of birth registration.

Telenor Pakistan, in collaboration with UNICEF, the government, and a range of other stakeholders aims to provide an identity to every child in Pakistan. The goal may be cumbersome but our diligent team has made the impossible possible by registering 740,000+ children in 7 districts of Sindh and Punjab. Three potential registration models were identified:

  • Telenor Facilitator: Telenor Franchise was used as a touch point where the parents could walk in and get their children registered.
  • Government Facilitators: Nikah (marriage) registrars and Lady Health Workers were chosen as facilitators who walk door to door in order to collect data of unregistered children. These facilitators are equipped with smartphones and a customized mobile application, which digitizes the standard birth registration form with necessary documents being photographed. These smartphones have mobile banking accounts enabled for transparent and timely allowance disbursements to the facilitators.

A web-based dashboard provides real-time data on reported and registered births and also monitors the performance of concerned government officials. The authorized government officials, after reviewing the submissions online, address any queries and process the registration accordingly. The system also extracts information from the data collected and disseminates mother and child’s health related advisories along with immunization alerts to the beneficiaries. This project is an ideal example of leveraging technology for development through public-private partnership.

Birth registration camps are also set up in these districts in different school, Union Council offices etc. which acts as a one stop shop for birth registration. In order to increase the demand of birth registration a comprehensive C4D plan was developed. DBR is now being scaled up to 7 priority districts under the same tripartite partnership in Sindh (Thatta, Badin, Nushero Feroze and Karachi) and Punjab (Pakpattan, Bahawalpur and Lahore). The solution is now being deployed at Local Government Department (LGD) Secretariats at the provincial capitals Lahore and Karachi.

Innovation at Telenor is empowering the Pakistani society in the truest sense of the word and our Digital Birth Registration Project is an example of one such project. Transforming lives of the children and addressing one of the core challenge of the country through integration of useful technology.

Safe Internet & School Outreach Program

Telenor is a trailblazer when it comes to doing business with responsibility. Safe Internet & School Outreach Program is a testament of our commitment towards empowering millions of Pakistanis around the country. Our focus is to ameliorate internet literacy amongst the masses and eradicate the threat of cyberbullying. Through our comprehensive capacity building and awareness sessions, children are able to understand the online risks involved and equip themselves in a better manner.  These sessions also enhance the capacity of project staff, teachers, School Management Council members and parents on child protection. Telenor Pakistan engages with broader stakeholders including relevant government departments, civil society and media to sensitize them on the importance and effective use of online safety guidelines.

In 2017, 355,664 children across Pakistan were educated on the use of safe internet through Safe Internet & School Outreach Program in Nowshera, Thatta, Vehari & Muzaffargarh and also through nationwide iChamp program in around 1,600 secondary schools in 76 districts of 4 provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

Through the program, Telenor Pakistan reached out to 100,000 children nationwide in 2018.

However, this is just the beginning and in the coming years we expect to further expand our scope and empower children in every corner of Pakistan

Telenor Internet Champion (iChamp)

iChamp 2 – Digital Awareness Training Program Covered 1800 Schools Across Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan first launched the iChamp program back in 2014 to deliver on its long-term pledge to foster a more connected generation. It aims to equip Pakistani students with basic knowledge of mobile and data technology to help them advance and educate themselves for better future prospects.


In the 2nd iteration of the program which ran in 2017, Telenor collaborated with Free Basics by Facebook, to provide students free access to an online information portal featuring 17 educational websites through Telenor 4G data connection. In addition, the program trains children on staying safe against instances of cyberbullying, online abuse, and harassment through internet.


The iChamp2 program has trained over 630,000 students across 1,800 schools nationwide, teaching and training them on how they can make effective use of mobile technology to advance their learning skills. It has covered schools from Gilgit to Karachi.


Over 80 percent of the participating schools were underprivileged that usually lack access to the latest modes of technology. Through rigorous city, district, and provincial level competitions, 12 finalists were involved in a studio based competition show that aired across 13 national channels creating a new vibe in Pakistan’s media landscape and attaining 50.8 Million unique impressions with a 72.5% reach.

Naya Aghaaz

With the goal of empowering women at the workplace and harness gender diversity within Telenor Pakistan’s workforce, Naya Aghaaz provides work opportunities for women who have been on a career break to support their families or for some other personal reason.

The six-month ‘Naya-Aghaaz Associate’ program enables Telenor to create a future talent pool of potential female employees and future female leaders for the organization, while allowing them the quintessential ‘Telenor Learning experience’ supported by our novel GOBeyond work model and relatable work & employee convenient office environment. This program benefits Telenor by bringing in inclusion of women from diverse backgrounds into our organization, which in return brings diversity of thought and ideas as well.

Telenor Pakistan truly believes that this program leads the establishment of new ways of attracting and acquiring a talent pool, while provisioning women with flexible working opportunities for them to manage their work life balance.

The program is a regular annual recruitment feature of TP’s culture and recruitment.

So far since the program’s inception, we have on-boarded 69 Naya Aghaaz associates, with successful internal placement rate of 45% collectively on different positions in Telenor Pakistan. Most of the remaining associates are working in different corporate sector organizations.

Open Mind Pakistan

Being an equal opportunity employer, Telenor Pakistan has focused on mainstreaming Disability by forging strategic partnerships, raising awareness through advocacy, trainings and volunteerism, ensuring building accessibility and enabling inclusion in the workforce. Telenor Pakistan is among the first companies to encourage employment opportunities for PwDs and facilitate process through accessible technologies. Telenor is opening new avenues for people with disabilities as per ILO conventions.

Telenor Pakistan is also the first BU outside the Nordics to strategically take up the initiative and demonstrate promising results. We have successfully concluded 5 annual iterations so far where 73 talented and inspiring PwDs have gone through the program, learning as well as contributing immensely in their respective roles. So far 2 out of 3 graduates are successfully working in Telenor Pakistan and in other likeminded organizations which makes 75% success rate of Open Mind Pakistan. This is a great ratio keeping in mind the prevalent job conditions in Pakistan.

At Telenor Pakistan, we give them the opportunity to become a skilled professional in their chosen field of interest. Being rated as the top employer of the country, we enable persons with disability to realize their dreams in an environment of diversity and openness to new mindsets.

In 2013 Telenor Pakistan proudly announced the launch of Open Mind Pakistan an exclusive management trainee program for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). In the absence of any precedence or governing framework in the country, the program is widely acclaimed and termed as an exemplary success story that can be adopted and replicated in public and private sectors to any scale.


Batch 6 of OMP commenced in Feb 2019. 18 Persons with Disabilities were on-boarded as trainees to go through comprehensive on job training. So far 92 PwDs have been part of this program since 2013

Emergency Response

As a socially responsible organization, Telenor Pakistan has always responded to the call of natural, man-made and conflict emergencies by targeting specific and un-met needs of the affected. As part of its emergency response program, the company has intervened in cash and in kind including Food Items, Non Food Items, Shelters and WASH facility amounting to PKR 425 million since its inception.

Emergency response remains a central theme in Telenor Pakistan Corporate Responsibility initiatives. To date, Telenor Pakistan, in partnership with government and other organizations such as Pakistan Red Crescent Society, has taken part in emergency response and relief for various disaster situations, some of which include:

  • Contributions of Rs 29 million for Nonfood items and shelter to 700 families in 2015 KPK earthquake
  • Contribution of Rs 20 million for Floods 2014
  • Contribution of Rs 10.5 million for IDP Crises Bannu 2014
  • Contribution of Rs 5.5 million for Tharparker Relief
  • Contribution of 22.5 million for the Awaraan Earthquake 2013
  • Contribution of Rs. 280 million in cash and kind for foods during 2010-12
  • Contribution of Rs.17 million for IDP crisis in Pakistan’s tribal areas
  • Contribution worth Rs.2 million in Attabad Lake incident
  • Contributed Rs.2.5 million towards earthquake in Balochistan
  • Contributed Rs.65 million in the face of 2005 earthquake in northern areas of Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan’s team of volunteers is well versed and equipped to respond in such scenarios and we have earmarked our Cells on Wheels (CoWs) to immediately restore communication services in a disaster scenario.

Beneficiary Communication (AID SMS)

Telenor Pakistan in 2014 initiated a Beneficiary CommunicationsProject in partnership with Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). This project uses our core competency to provide an effective SMS-based communication platform between PRCS & the Community in times of disaster which includes location-based opt-in service for subscribers to receive timely messages pertaining to disaster alerts, relief, pre/post emergency awareness and aid disbursement

In times of disaster and crisis, communication with those affected is vital. It allows aid agencies to provide communities with life-saving and life changing information. It helps agencies to manage the demand on their services and to ensure a greater quality of aid delivery. It gives those affected a voice and makes the agencies accountable for the services that they deliver.  Perhaps most importantly of all, it gives hope. Mobile telephony is one of the most effective, direct and timely methods of communication.

However mobile communication with disaster affected communities can be very difficult. Often the mobile communications networks themselves will have been damaged and will also be congested because of the surge in demand as survivors attempt to locate family and friends. TERA is a communications system that is specifically designed to meet this challenge.


No. of Hours Volunteered: 75000+ (Since inception of the program)

ICT labs:  64

To kindle social awareness and responsibility in our people, Telenor Pakistan is conducting a flagship            Employee Voluntarism Program called Hum Qadam for the past 11 years.

More than 75,000 working hours have been clocked till date by employees towards community service in areas of inclusion, education, health, environment, and emergency response. The program won the National CSR Award 2016 for employee engagement in sustainable activities.


Activities Includes:

  • A day with senior citizens
  • Regular blood donation camps
  • Health kiosk on International Women’s Day
  • ICT girls takeover
  • Resolution day with kids
  • Art & cultural activity with kids
  • Hepatitis awareness session
  • Sports day with kids
  • Inclusive workshops
  • Breast cancer awareness session
  • Tree plantations
  • Safe Internet Sessions
  • First Aid Mobility assistance trainings

Share Your Meal

Telenor Feeds Thousands with #ShareYourMeal Campaign

Telenor Pakistan’s #ShareYourMeal campaign, aimed at instigating a sense of responsibility in the digital audiences of Pakistan. The campaign used the right macro moment that is Ramadan to launch a conversational-centric campaign which resulted in a momentous movement not just on social media but also on-ground.

Through the help of data, the digital audience was enabled to share pictures of their food with the hashtag #ShareYourMeal and donate a meal to the needy. #ShareYourMeal with its 4 years of legacy has become a sustained platform for Telenor which is in line with our pledge and commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10 i.e. Reducing Inequalities. Therefore, #ShareYourMeal is a humble contribution to fighting these challenges and bringing food to the deserving in the holy month of Ramadan.

In 2018, the digital campaign was formulated on the creative expression – ‘Is Ramzan koi plate khali nahi jayegi”. The campaign was spearheaded by a DVC and all the creative communication had a consistent CTA, asking the user to #ShareYourMeal to make a meaningful contribution to the needy. The campaign resulted in mass awareness through which a staggering 275.5 million impressions were achieved out of which 95 million were earned impressions.

The digital campaign was linked with an on-ground drive in five cities (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta) thus providing transparent fulfillment to more than 3,000 beneficiaries with the partnership of Pakistan Red Crescent Society. Overall, #ShareYourMeal 2018 reinforced Telenor Pakistan’s commitment towards empowering societies and rallying everyone towards a meaningful positive contribution.