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January 1970

Press Statement on Caricature issue

Islamabad February 13, 2006: Telenor Pakistan's Official Press Spokesperson gave the following statement on the caricature incident: We are stunned to be a target of violence in the recent days. We thank God that there have been no casualties.

Telenor is NOT involved with the caricature incident in any way and so we have kept quiet as it was not our place to speak on this very sensitive issue. However, we have considered it utterly deplorable.

For us as a company, the principle has always been to be respectful. Our 900 Pakistani permanent employees, our 1300 local contractual employees, our more than 2 million Pakistani customers, our partners in trade, in the civil society and in the government will vouch that we have always respected the local norms and values, that we have tried in earnest to build and attract investments to Pakistan and that we have been there for our fellow brothers in tough times.

The sad reality remains that how much we condemn this act it is not Telenor that can resolve this issue. As everyone knows, the ongoing discussion about the issue is taking place at the level of the states involved and is not in our power to influence. We also appeal to the authorities to help resolve this issue.

Telenor has a long term commitment in Pakistan. We have shown that by building the fastest growing network in the country. We have also shown it through our commitment to help victims of the earthquake when disaster struck our fellows. We are committed to our fellow Pakistanis and stand by them.