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January 1970

Jamaat-I-Islami says Telenors Role Exemplary in Society

Islamabad March 1, 2006: Senior Minister & Finance Minister NWFP and the Head of Jamaat-i- Islami in NWFP, Siraj Ul Haq, has said that Telenor's role in society has been exemplary.

Siraj Ul Haq received Tore Johnsen, CEO Telenor Pakistan yesterday at Frontier house, Islamabad, for a meeting in order to express solidarity with the behavior of the company during the recent protests against blasphemous caricatures. Siraj expressed his grief over the victimization of Telenor by some quarters and said that those business elements that were trying to take benefit of the situation to hurt Telenor's investments in Pakistan should be condemned. Telenor is not involved in the incident in any way and has been exemplary in its behavior, he said categorically. Siraj also praised Telenor for its donation of 6.5 crore rupees during the recent earthquake tragedy. Siraj praised Norway for its quick response to the act and said that Norway was the only country that came forth with an apology from the editor of the magazine and the government.

Siraj expressed his condemnation of the publication and said that the magazine that have printed the caricatures have deeply hurt the feeling of the whole Muslim Ummah. He said that religious parties came to the front to spearhead peaceful protests against the incident. He denied the involvement of any religious party in the violence that had erupted in a few cities.

Tore thanked the Minister for his support and said that for Telenor Pakistan as a company, the core principle was to be respectful and that is how the company, comprising 99% Pakistani employees, has always behaved. Tore said that Telenor was trying in earnest to build and attract investments to Pakistan. Telenor brought the single largest FDI (about 18 billion rupees) in 2005 and was planning to invest approx 60 billion rupees over the next 5 years.