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January 1970

Telenor Extends Help to Cancer Patients

Islamabad Monday, March 20, 2006: Telenor Pakistan is part of Pakistan and we are inseparable from the local communities. Through initiatives like Shaukat Memorial Khanum Trust's fundraiser, we will extend our hand where we can be of assistance, said Telenor CEO Tore Johnsen after the recent SKMT fundraiser in Lahore. Telenor made a donation of 2 million rupees to support the cause of helping out cancer patients.

Tore congratulated the SKMT management and the 'Friends of SKMT' for arranging an activity that attracted many due to its generous cause and its entertaining nature. Celebrity movie star Elizabeth Hurley supported the event through her presence.

Explaining Telenor's profound involvement with local communities wherever it operates, Tore said, With its strong philosophy of social responsibility and presence in 17 countries as a global-local company, Telenor has a long history of social contribution. At Telenor, we believe that responsibility and trust are inseparable. For its strong social ethics and responsibility, the company is recognized on prestigious international Corporate Social Responsibility indices.

Commenting on his organization's involvement with the Earthquake relief efforts, Tore said, A glaring example of the company's commitment to this philosophy is how the whole organization activated itself from within in order to help the earthquake survivors within hours of the most recent earthquake tragedy. Telenor employees led the initiative by setting up stalls at the emergency sites providing free communication services to relief workers and affected families. The management chipped in with an emergency relief package of Rs. 65 million to go to the Red Cross and President's Earthquake Relief Fund. Additional contributions from the Telenor group of companies worldwide added another Rs. 30 million worth of goods and foodstuff. All of us stood by our fellow brothers and sisters, because we really believed we could help. Our upcoming Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives will formalize our efforts in this area.

Telenor is one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 82.7 million subscribers and operations in 17 different countries. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.