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January 1970

Telenor sponsored Comedy Play rocks Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, March 29, 2006: Islamabad is taken by storm by a comedy play directed by Shah Sharahbeel and sponsored by Telenor Pakistan - the fastest growing telecommunication network in the country. Cheekily titled You Only Marry Twice the suggestive name is merely a foot-note to the rib-tickling raucous roller-coaster ride the audience is treated to for a good 90 minutes.

While congratulating Shah Sharahbeel, the creative team and the technical crew for their wonderful performance at the opening night, Tore Johnsen, CEO Telenor Pakistan assured of Telenor's commitment to community activities: In all the 17 countries where Telenor operates, the organization and the Telenor family get involved with local communities in the promotion of civic causes be they art & culture or community development. We consider it not only our responsibility, but our passion, and something we are good at. Expect more from us and you will see us more, more involved, more spirited, more inspiring.

The man behind the show, Mr. Shah Sharahbeel, founder of Centre Stage Productions, a platform that has brought about a renaissance of theatre in the capital, thanked Telenor for its support and added The play was a definite challenge, for the task of showcasing the rather strange comic situation was definitely Herculean, and yet we took it head-on, and the results are displayed for all the audience to see.

Set in contemporary times, the play is an adaptation of Caught In the Net, a farce by Ray Cooney, the recognized 'master of farce' and Britain's most famous comedy playwrights. After a dry spell of more than six months, 'You Only Marry Twice' has brought a breath of fresh air in the entertainment-starved capital. Showing from March 21, 2006 to April 4, 2006 the play attracts some 400 people everyday. The theatrical production is a definite must-watch and is highly recommended to all.

The Telenor group provides communication services in 17 countries worldwide. Telenor ranks as one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 82.7 million subscribers. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.