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January 1970

Telenor Pakistan Announces 4 Times Faster Data Service with EDGE

Islamabad August 09, 2006: Telenor Pakistan has announced the launch of EDGE - an advanced high-speed mobile internet and data service - on its network. The service will allow Telenor Pakistan customers to connect to the internet, download content, and send and receive data, including digital images, web pages and photos up to 4 times faster than GPRS. The company is in the process of advancing its network from GPRS to EDGE in a big way, and already has the widest availability of EDGE among all mobile operators. From today, the EDGE service will be available at hundreds of locations across Karachi, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, and Peshawar. EDGE coverage at several locations in Islamabad and Lahore will be implemented shortly.

Speed of data transfer is considered to be a major factor in the choice of a mobile service provider, especially for customers who want to take their mobility and productivity to the next level, said Tore Johnsen, the CEO of Telenor Pakistan. Until now Telenor Pakistan has been known for its largest GPRS service, offered throughout its network. Now, we are advancing our network from GPRS to EDGE, with 4 times greater speed for data transfer. Customers now have another reason to choose Telenor Pakistan network, literally the most technologically advanced network in the country overall, Tore stated.

According to Telenor Pakistan Chief Marketing Officer Sigvart Voss Eriksen, the customer experience with EDGE should be extremely convenient. From now on whenever a Telenor Pakistan customer uses data services at a location where the Telenor Pakistan network has been advanced from GPRS to EDGE, the handset will recognize and use EDGE service on its own, at 4 times the speed of data transfer on normal GPRS. No special settings are required and there are no extra charges to be paid. Additionally, most new handsets available in the market are EDGE-enabled so access to EDGE will be easy and automatic, Sigvart added.

The announcement was made at a press briefing Wednesday afternoon as ITCN Asia 2006 got under way at the Expo Center in Karachi. The company has set up special EDGE demos at its state-of-the-art stall at the Expo Center for customers who want to try the EDGE functionality, compare its speed and utility to GPRS, and have their questions answered about EDGE availability.

Visitors at the stall will also have the opportunity to learn more about Telenor Pakistan diverse portfolio of products that aims to offer more value for money to each unique type of customer. Telenor Pakistan highly competitive products include Telenor postpaid, djuice, TalkShawk, and Azadi. The company has several ongoing promotions on its products including 40% extra balance on Azadi and ongoing djuice MMS competition. Currently, Telenor Pakistan is providing the widest international prepaid roaming and the largest GPRS coverage in the industry.

ITCN Asia is a one-stop meeting place for companies and their potential vendors of IT-related products. It a 3-day exhibition in which the Asian IT professionals come up with their best offers for markets around the globe. The exhibition sets forth a grand opportunity for licensing agreements, creating joint ventures and localizing the products. Through this exhibition, the brand awareness of products can be created in markets around the world. It also aids in creation of long lasting business relationships with leading dealers, distributors and resellers. Consequently, every year this exhibition benefits numerous companies and vendors.

The Telenor group is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services. Telenor ranks as one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 96 million subscribers. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.