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January 1970

Telenor Pakistan, AeroMobile propose Safe Mobile Usage in Air

Islamabad September 6, 2006: Discussions are underway about GSM on Board “an initiative, which if implemented, will provide a safe and cost-effective way to allow passengers to use their mobile phones while in flight just as they would on the ground. Market research confirms that 83% of business passengers carry mobile phones in-flight, while about half carry laptops, and so the initiative will help customers carry their business even while in air.

Telenor Pakistan is facilitating high level discussions to enable management at AeroMobile, owner of the GSM on Air technology, to establish the system in Pakistan, said Telenor Pakistan's Executive Vice President, Irfan Wahab Khan, talking to journalists at a media briefing. Telenor ASA, Telenor Pakistan's parent company is one of the two partners in the UK-based joint venture, AeroMobile. Telenor Pakistan is pleased to establish a dialogue between AeroMobile and the Pakistani government. We are hopeful the discussion will be beneficial for the local customers and bring yet another technological innovation to the country, Irfan stated. Telenor Pakistan would like to see Pakistan to be one of the first countries to have the GSM on Board technology, Irfan added.

Greg Oliveau, AeroMobile's Regulatory Affairs senior representative for the Asia-Pacific Region, told the press that he was visiting Pakistan to discuss regulatory provisions with the authorities. Greg met with Awais Leghari, Federal Minister of IT&Telecom, on Wednesday, and is scheduled to meet with Maj General Shahzada Alam Malik, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, on Thursday. Greg was very positive about AeroMobile's prospects in Pakistan and about the response he had received from the Ministry earlier in the day. The Minister assured of the Minister's full support in bringing this technology to Pakistan as a pioneering initiative in the world, Greg said.

In his presentation to the media, Greg explained the technology behind the GSM on Board initiative, With the AeroMobile initiative, air passengers will be able to safely use their own phones to make calls and receive voice and text messages at normal international roaming charges. Services will be easy to use and billed directly to the user's mobile account as a standard international roaming ground call. The required hardware can be quickly installed in aircraft and there are very low system maintenance requirements.

Greg said that he was expecting expedient progress on the initiative as the technology has been tested extensively and has authorizations in many countries of the world, Significantly, AeroMobile formed part of the Boeing Going the Distance Tour in Summer 2005 and was flown on a B777-200LR to over 20 countries world wide, and also on the World's longest commercial airliner flight made by that aircraft in November 2005. Several countries around the world have already granted full authorizations to AeroMobile for the use of the technology, while discussions are in advanced stages in dozens of other countries.

AeroMobile is a partnership between ARINC and Telenor ASA. The partnership establishes a GSM provider for the sky. AeroMobile's unique value proposition lies in the combination of Telenor's world-class experiences as a telecommunication and satellite service provider and ARINC's position and reputation as an aeronautical communication systems provider. AeroMobile service will be offered on both long haul and short haul flights with airlines that have adopted the service.

The Telenor group is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services. Telenor ranks as one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 96 million subscribers. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.