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Telenor Pakistan proposes Shared Value in industry-first CR Report

ISLAMABAD, Wednesday December 18, 2007: Telenor Pakistan has released its Corporate Responsibility Report, which is the first such report from a mobile operator in Pakistan. The report is intended to give the community a closer look at what Telenor Pakistan has achieved in its short but eventful history since March 2003, what the organization stands for, and how it contributes to society through its good governance and community initiatives. Going a step further than conventional corporate documents, the report proposes a specific principle of corporate responsibility efforts in the Pakistani market: the principle of shared value.

Shared Value is the name given to the mutual benefit that businesses and societies derive from their constructive interactions. Telenor Pakistan is a believer in the power of its business to generate shared value for the communities it works with. In CEO Tore Johnsen's words, "Looking for shared value in business is not charity. It is what committed organizations do every day when they follow the rules and look for society-friendly alternatives in business decisions, defeat unethical practices, and work with communities."

Explaining the need of such a fundamental Corporate Responsibility concept, Director Corporate Communication and Head of Corporate Responsibility Telenor Pakistan Syed Hasnat Masood says that Telecommunications is an industry naturally inclined to play a substantial role in meeting society developmental needs, and trickling down wealth and information faster than any other industry. What is needed is an approach that focuses on reducing the negative impact of any value chain processes, interacting with the community in a more active and transparent manner, and thinking of Corporate Responsibility less as a good will gesture or PR gimmick and more as an essential business principle a principle rooted in how the organization behaves every day?

The report is made available online for easy download at Telenor Pakistan Corporate Responsibility website:

The Corporate Responsibility report highlights many interesting facts about Telenor Pakistan and its Corporate Responsibility efforts to date:

Telenor ASA, Telenor Pakistan parent company, is among Top 10 mobile operators in the world, ranked No. 1 on Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2007, and No. 5 on BusinessWeek's top 100 performers for 2007 beating technology giants Apple and Microsoft.

Telenor Pakistan has experienced 200% subscriber growth in FY06, has invested more than PKR 60 billion already, has created 2,200+ direct jobs and 20,000+ indirect jobs, carries a distribution system based on 200+ franchises and more than 100,000 retailers countrywide.

Telenor Pakistan is an essentially young Pakistani organization with 99%+ Pakistani employees and 27 years as average employee age.

Telenor Pakistan has an open-office environment at its 24 office locations, where all employees sit side by side, without any reference to rank or position.

Going a step further than the market norm, Telenor Pakistan offers universal healthcare benefits and 24/7 medical service to its employees.

Telenor Pakistan voluntarily intends to maintain internal controls at the level of the Sarbanes-Oxley act and trains employees on Code of Conduct and governance.

Telenor Pakistan deploys an advanced network with friendly towers, smart on-site equipment, and infrastructure sharing in order to manage its environmental impact. The company also leads in promoting stakeholder-dialogue on the roll out of socially responsible infrastructure.

Telenor Pakistan provides the widest mobile data network in the country putting internet at the fingertips of the man on the street.

Telenor Pakistan community development programs run in the areas of emergency communications and education, empowerment, enterprise and environment with a focus on bringing the telecom promise within the grasp of the most disadvantaged sections of the society.

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