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January 1970

Telenor Pakistan launches the first solar-powered mobile communications site in the country

ISLAMABAD, 24 January 2008: Telenor Pakistan has launched another environmentally-friendly initiative by using solar energy to power one of its repeater sites in the NWFP. Telenor Pakistan is the country first mobile communications services provider to have started using solar energy to power a commercial site.

The pilot site, which is in Buner, is a solar-electricity hybrid system that runs entirely on solar energy during the day and switches to electricity or battery power at night. Such Telenor Pakistan use of alternate energy sources in its operations is of particular significance considering that the company has the fastest growing network in the country.

Telenor Pakistan continues its efforts to roll out modern networks in a socially responsible manner, delivering on environmental and health and safety standards, says Chief Technical Officer Telenor Pakistan Peter Anthony Dindial. We are first in the industry to have started using solar energy to power a commercial site. We aim to help reduce the load on the national power grid through innovative solutions and in longer term we mean to upscale this pilot project to other parts of the country after assessing its success. Such solutions are more eco-friendly and less of a burden logistically in difficult terrains, where mobile coverage might be needed the most, and constant generator refueling might be an issue. The industry must boldly experiment with alternate energy solutions in order to connect the remote, unconnected populations of Pakistan in a sustainable manner.

Although the solar panels used in the unit are imported, the batteries, cables and installation expertise are all local. The solution involves a one-time cost but requires low maintenance, thus also reducing capital and operational expenditure in the long-term.

Telenor Pakistan plans to expand the use of solar energy to power other BTs sites in the country. Another area of focus for the company is to create and install other hybrid power combinations such as solar-genset, solar-electricity, and solar-wind to power its BTS sites across Pakistan.

The Telenor Group is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communications services. Telenor ranks as one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 133 million subscribers. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

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