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January 1970

Pakistan first blog on Corporate Social Responsibility launched

ISLAMABAD Thursday September 18, 2008: CDF Software and Telenor Pakistan today announced the launch of Social Bridges (, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) blog on the internet. The first such initiative in Pakistan, the blog aims to educate internet-savvy public about the concept of CSR and engage the educated classes in a debate about the role of businesses in societys development.

Blog is short for web-log. A blog is generally an online journal that is updated frequently and builds communities around a particular topic by allowing comments from the online readers. Blogging around the world and in Asia has become a significant phenomenon in terms of participatory journalism, with some sources estimating 45-50% of those online actively blogging as well.

Blogging on the corporate sector in Pakistan, especially in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), has grown tremendously as the sector has expanded over the last few years. However, a focused discussion on the role of businesses in helping build communities has been lacking until now.

The Social Bridges blog provides a platform to bring together various stakeholders including Corporate Sector, NGOs, Academia, International Experts and General Public to discuss the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on bringing about social change in Pakistan.

Elaborating on the unique initiative, Osama Hashmi, CEO of CDF Software and Managing Editor of Social Bridges said, Corporate Social Responsibility is an emerging concept, and companies are coming to realize that Pakistan presents unique social, environmental, ethical challenges and opportunities. What this really means for CSR initiatives is that we wont always find the right answer for this country merely by looking outside to others for influence. Our industries will have to work together to find the best answers for ourselves. Social Bridges is a exciting step towards that goal because only through a democratic, decentralized platform where all industry leaders and stakeholders can being their intellect together into mature discussion can we hope to take on these challenges in stride.?
The blogsite has been lead sponsored by Telenor Pakistan, while its co-sponsors include Mir Khalil-Ur-Rehman Foundation, Mishal and Acid Survivors Foundation. As the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility continues to evolve in Pakistan with mixed results, we feel that this initiative can help spark a discussion around corporate transparency, responsibility, and strategy,? said Syed Hasnat Masood, Head of Corporate Responsibility for Telenor Pakistan. A blog discussion is more democratic and allows easier access to community feedback than conventional means, however, you must be able to accept the candidness that comes with it.?

Social Bridges since its launch has managed to attract a sizeable number of local readers and international experts who are actively contributing to the blog in the form of cross- postings as well as giving practical advice and interviews. Till date, there have been more than 25,642 visits with 25 active participants and currently the blog has a Technorati ranking of 16. Technorati is an Internet search engine that searches blogs and indexes them by popularity.

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