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January 1970

Telenor Pakistan launches Facebook SMS Service

ISLAMABAD: 6th August, 2009: Telenor Pakistan, in keeping with its commitment to add more value to its services, has now introduced the Facebook SMS Service. Looking at the ever-growing popularity of Facebook, which is a social networking service and connects over 250 million users, Telenor Pakistan has become the first operator in Pakistan to offer SMS-based Facebook interactivity to its subscribers. Through this innovative service, Telenor Pakistan subscribers will be able to hook up their Facebook accounts with their mobile numbers.

Commenting on the SMS based Facebook Service, the Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan, Lars Christian Iuel said, Telenor Pakistan are proud to announce, that we were the first to integrate with Facebook on Facebook MMS, that introduced subscribers to the unique concept of uploading their pictures directly on Facebook via MMS. In keeping with the tradition, Telenor Pakistan has once again, become the first operator to offer SMS based interactivity to its subscribers. We are committed to bring pioneering, interactive activities and services to our subscribers, and will continue to add better, custom designed value added services (VAS) for all segments of Telenor Pakistan subscribers.

All Telenor Pakistan subscribers can register for the SMS based Facebook Service by logging into Facebook and selecting the Register for Facebook SMS Texts option in the Settings tab, available on the profile page. Subscribers can then, perform a host of services on Facebook by sending SMS messages to the Facebook short-code 32665 (Fbook).

Facebook SMS Service will make it possible for Telenor Pakistan subscribers to update status changes, post on friends walls, add friends, send messages to friends, poke friends, find information about friends, find their email address as well as their address by just sending an SMS to short-code 32665. A complete list of commands, that would be needed to perform the above-mentioned functions would be available to Telenor Pakistan subscribers and can be obtained by sending a SMS help to 32665. As the Facebook service, is used, friends will be notified via SMS. The service can be easily deactivated by sending a sms OFF? to 32665.

The SMS based Facebook service is charged at Re.1 per SMS.

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