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January 1970

Telenor Pakistan launches Call Blocker Service?

ISLAMABAD: 2nd October 2009. Telenor Pakistan has made life easier by launching the Call Blocker service that has made it possible for everyone to get rid of obnoxious callers. Telenor Pakistan is the only telecom operator that offers blockage of unlimited numbers through this service for its subscribers.

Telenor Call Blocker is a subscription based service that will send any specified number (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx) a busy tone or a ringing tone (call not being picked up) upon activation. The default prompt can be conveniently changed to a busy tone or a ringing tone so that each time an unwanted call is made to the subscriber, the preset tone is received. This option of setting a default prompt is available at or IVR 420.

The Call blocker service can be registered for by sending an SMS sub to 420. After a few hours, the subscriber receives a confirmation SMS. Once that SMS is received, the subscriber can then specify the number that needs to be blocked by SMS and send it to 420. The service is available on all pre paid and post paid Telenor numbers.

Chief Marketing Officer Telenor Pakistan, Lars Christian Iuel at the launch of the Call Blocker Service appreciated the tremendous utility of the options that are now becoming available to the subscribers. He said, Call Blocker service will simplify the life of the subscriber who now has even more choices made available to him. It is our pleasure to bring to our customers a relevant concept, one that is not only practical but will also add substance to their daily life. We believe that with new, upcoming services, Telenor Pakistan will continue to play its role in adding more meaning and essence to the quality of life of our customers.?

Finance specialist and Telenor subscriber, Uzma Aslam found her experience with the Call Blocker service to be not just expedient but highly relevant. She says, I had been getting obnoxious calls for months on end, when I decided to use the Call Blocker Service. I liked the idea that I could choose a default busy tone or a ringing tone so that the person calling me would not even be aware that they were blocked on my cell. I am so relieved now, as not only have the calls stopped but I am more relaxed and productive during my day by knowing that I am no longer wasting my time or energy on unnecessary phone calls.?

The Call Blocker service is only applicable for incoming calls and does not block SMS.

The monthly subscription charges are Rs. 20 + tax.
The charges for blocking a number or removing a blocked number are Rs 2.00 per SMS and for IVR are Rs. 2.00 per minute.

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