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January 1970

djuice supports March for Education campaign

Islamabad - March 31, 2011: The March for Education campaign, run by the Pakistan Education Task Force (PETF), today announced that its petition to end Pakistans education emergency will have exceeded its target of 100,000 supporters before the end of the week. In the past few days, the petition has received a major boost from young Pakistanis who have been signing the petition by text message, through the support of Telenor Pakistan.

In March, we launched a campaign to highlight the urgency of the education emergency,? said Task Force Co-Chair, ShahnazWazir Ali, at a press conference here today. The campaign has sparked a fervent debate in the media, with all major media outlets discussing education in a way that is quite unprecedented.The Education Emergency petition calls upon national political leaders to set out plans for providing every child with the education that is promised to them by Pakistans constitution.

It also asks them to ensure education budgets are protected at this time of fiscal crisis, and to explain how, and when, they can be increased to at least 4% of GDP.Most exciting has been the tremendous passion that the campaign has evoked online, where young people, from within Pakistan and across the world, have shown how committed they are to education,? said Ms.Wazir Ali.On our website, Facebook page, and on Twitter, people have joined together to call on Pakistans Prime Minister and Chief Minister to make education their number one priority in 2011 the Year of Education,? she added.2011 has been declared the Year of Education by both the President and the Prime Minister.

Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan reiterating his support for PETF said: Telenor Pakistan is committed to a better future for the youth of Pakistan. Through our Karo Mumkin and Khamoshi Ka Boycott campaigns we aim to empower our people to support causes that benefit the nation. We have extended our support to March for Education through our djuice platform, and are hoping that more people will come forward to support and promote the cause of education for all.?

Telenor Group is one of the worlds leading mobile operators, with over 200 million mobile subscriptions, half of which are in Asia.Telenor Pakistan has a strong commitment to education as part of its corporate responsibility program. Through its youth brand Djuice, Telenor Pakistan is running a campaign called Khamoshi Ka Boycott, through which its brand ambassador, Shahzad Roy has called on the countrys youth to speak up about the issues that matter the most to them.

The Pakistan Education Task Force was constituted with the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan in December 2009. It is a non-partisan body that draws together representatives from federal and provincial governments, with non-governmental experts. The Task Force is co-chaired by Shahnaz Wazir Ali and Sir Michael Barber, an international expert on the reform of education Petition can be accessed at

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