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January 1970

Regional Tax Revision


In compliance with the applicable laws of provinces and administrative regions, Telenor Pakistan has implemented Regional Taxation whereby customers in different parts of Pakistan will be taxed based on their respective areas.


Implementation Dates:

  • Implementation in Islamabad will commence from 21st September 16.
  • Nation-wide implementation will commence from 27th September 16.


Effective Provincial Taxes:






Punjab 14% 14% 19.50% 19.50%
Sindh 14% 14% 19.50% 19.00%
Baluchistan 14% 14% 19.50% 19.50%
KPK 14% 14% 19.50% 19.50%
ICT 14% 14% 19.50% 18.50%
AJK 14% 14% 19.50% 18.50%
GB 14% 14% 19.50% 0%
FATA/PATA 14% 0% 19.50% 0%


Regional Taxation will impact the following services:

  • Recharge
  • Surcharge on Recharge
  • Voice and SMS traffic (without bundle)


Tax inclusive prices or following services will continue without any change:

  • Data Usage (without bundle)
  • Voice/SMS/Data/Hybrid bundles
  • EasyCard and Internet EasyLoad
  • VAS (bundle and without bundle)
  • Postpaid


Frequently Asked Question:


What is region based taxation?

Region based taxation means ratio of FED on voice calls & SMS and WHT (Advance Income Tax) on recharge would be according to customer’s region from where Call/SMS  is initiated or recharge is made. 

How will the network identify customer’s region?

Network would identify customer’s region through the tower from where the customer is catching signals

Will regional based taxation apply on any bundles?

No, regional taxation is only applied on non-bundle Voice & SMS on the basis of usage



  • Tax will be charged based upon the location of tower from where the customer is catching signals. Customers at the boundary of a region may be charged differently in this scenario irrespective of their own physical location.
  • If a customer recharges via EasyLoad and their phone is off, then location will not be available for such customer and a default tax of 14% WHT and 19.5% FED will be charged