Our Approach to Sustainability

At Telenor Pakistan we believe that success of the business is intertwined with progress of the society. Without sustainable development of the markets we operate in, business cannot prosper. Driven by our vision “Empower Societies” and committed to the trust our customers put in us, we exist not just for profitability but equally for the benefit of people, planet and their prosperity, leveraging on long term partnerships to help create, connected and peaceful world, with a digital future that harnesses transparency and hence, sustainability for our generations to come.

Sustainability at Telenor Pakistan

At Telenor Pakistan, Sustainability is at the foundation of how we conduct our business, and not just a standalone risk management tool or a mix of unrelated philanthropic activities. Our strategy is built around our core i.e. leveraging the power of digital technologies to promote sustainable development and address the challenges our society faces, creating mutually beneficial opportunities all the while mitigating risks. Our mantra for Sustainability - “Digital for Development-D4D” is the manifestation of creating ‘Shared Value’ that is scalable and mutually beneficial. The exponential growth in digitization and anticipated universal penetration of Internet is giving rise to a connected world like never before. Millions of people, from different places and backgrounds, now have the opportunity to be on the same page, both literally and figuratively, a giant leap towards Reduced Inequalities in the society. Sustainability at Telenor Pakistan is based on a using our core competencies that benefit the society as well as the business and encompasses 8 major areas for social investment including.

New Sustainability Direction - Telenor Group

Responsible business conduct has always played a huge role in our operations, yet three big shifts are driving our new direction.

1. The first is the changing way we are managing risk. Telenor shapes business standards in many of the markets we serve. It's an inseparable part of being a responsible operator in these countries, and placing us among the forerunners in mitigating corruption, human rights risks, and poor working conditions amongst suppliers. We manage these as independent risks; yet increasingly we're setting operating standards for responsible business conduct across borders, as well as within them. As a result, in 2017 we will start to integrate our operating principles for responsible business conduct more holistically across everything we do as a business both for ourselves and our broader ecosystem.

2. The second lies in our ambitions as a digital service provider. It's not enough to enable Internet access: we want everyone to be able to leverage its benefits. This includes meaningful  solutions that can address social,  economic and environmental. problems, close the inequality gap, and empower societies. Our customers are demanding it, our society needs it, and our future as a company depends on it. As a result, in 2017 we will accelerate our ability to create and scale digital services designed to empower societies. These will be focused on increasing access to digital identity, raising skills and knowledge, growing employment and income, and driving economic growth.

3. The third is the broader global imperative for a sustainable future. Last year, United Nations including 193 world leaders agreed to adopt a collective set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. This move accelerated expectations for private sector leaders to join the international community in taking meaningful action. Sigve Brekke , President and CEO Telenor Group, publicly pledged Telenor's support for this agenda, spreading the word to more than 100 million customers, partners and friends.

Reduced Inequalities

In 2017, we will start to align our agenda directly with that of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our business already supports all these Goals, but yielding greater impact will require us to better focus our priorities. An assessment of our activities reveals one Goal in particular where our contribution delivers the most impact: Reduced Inequalities.

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