Telenor Pakistan requires high standards of business conduct internally and aims for highly competitive working conditions and environmental management within its operations.

Global Commitment on Corporate Responsibility

Telenor wants to amplify the positive impact of its communications services by creating combined value for society and businesses alike. We are committed to ensuring the benefits of mobile communication reach the widest possible audience, whilst also observing responsible business practices within relevant international standards. Sustainability, social investment and relief efforts are a critical part of our corporate policies. More information on our global commitment on corporate responsibility can be found here.

Supplier Conduct Principles

Telenor Pakistan requires responsible business conduct from its suppliers, including any party that has a direct contractual relationship with Telenor Pakistan and offering products and/or services to Telenor Pakistan. Our supplier requirements for responsible business conduct are listed in Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles below, and we aim to follow-up on these through systematic supply chain management.

Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles: Download PDF File

Responsible Business Conduct

Responsible business conduct is one of the four pillars of Telenor Pakistan’s business strategy and an essential part of all our operations. We have a strategic focus on responsible contribution to economic, environmental and social development in the communities we operate, acting with accountability and transparency. Telenor Pakistan, as a responsible corporate entity, has pioneered the industry in developing and implementing high standards of corporate governance, anti-corruption, labor and human rights, data privacy and environment, in accordance with international conventions and best practices. We have robust governing documents and a clearly laid out Code of Conduct (COC) for employees & Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP) those are implemented across all Telenor Group business units including Telenor Pakistan ensuring ethical business practices from employees and across the supply chain and hence the protection of our employees and our customers.

Corporate Governance

Telenor Pakistan considers good corporate governance to be an essential tool for achieving our vision, value creation and strategic goals, and for maintaining a healthy corporate culture. Furthermore, good corporate governance is imperative for credibility and for access to capital.

Our corporate governance includes openness and transparency towards the company’s owners, the Board and Group Management, as well as other interested parties such as the Group’s employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, public authorities and society in general. Rules and procedures provide Telenor Pakistan with a sound platform for good corporate governance and for the further development of a positive, responsible and robust corporate culture.

The Management is responsible for ensuring the existence of internal rules, procedures and structures that can efficiently secure value creation for all stakeholders and where authority and responsibilities are clearly set out and mutually understood.

Codes of Conduct

Telenor Pakistan’s activities should serve to illustrate that business success in demanding markets can be achieved without compromising ethical principles or international norms. Our Codes of Conduct have been adopted by the Telenor Board and are a key management tool for influencing all our activities.

The Codes of Conduct cover areas that are important for ensuring solid business ethics in all aspects of our activities. They contain specific and practical rules, and set the standards for how individual employees should conduct business when faced with competition and demands for meeting business objectives. Failure to comply with the Codes of Conduct results in sanctions suited to fit the nature and extent of unauthorized actions. The Codes of Conduct apply to managers, employees, hired staff and anyone acting on behalf of Telenor Pakistan.

For Telenor Pakistan’s Codes of Conduct in English, click here; for Urdu, click here.

Corporate Ethics and Commitment

Telenor being one of the major international players within the telecom industry has built its success on ambitious goals, high performance and by conducting its business without compromising on “Integrity”. In order to further strengthen the culture of business ethics, Telenor has launched a global hotline offered by an international vendor “Navex Global” to enable the employees and other parties to report Code of Conduct breaches conveniently without any fear of repercussions. The reporting channel provides voice and web based reporting mechanism while ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.

During 2016, Ethics & Compliance (E&C) team conducted nationwide Integrity Awareness Roadshows for all employees in order to improve their understanding towards functionality of E&C hotline, ethical dilemmas and an individual’s obligation towards Code of Conduct. Precisely speaking the company successfully reinforced the confidence of its employees in our core values.

Ethics & Compliance team will continue upholding the principles that makes Telenor Pakistan industry leader when it comes to best practices and adhering to with international standards. This includes innovative and continued efforts to improve the function, engage employees and maintain and retain their confidence in the existing regimes