Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam fund

As a socially responsible company, Telenor Pakistan is proud to be a part of the nation's efforts to tackle water scarcity and effects of climate change.

As a partner for collection of Supreme Court Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dam Fund, Telenor is accepting donations from its subscribers via SMS on behalf of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Contribute to this noble cause today by sending SMS on 8000 to donate 10 Rupees to the fund.

Let us come together to pave the way for a future Jo Har Pakistani Chahay!

Donation Summary

Total Amount: Rs.0 0

How to donate:

Send SMS on 8000.

An amount of Rs. 10/- will be deducted from your balance for the DAM fund collection.

You will receive confirmation SMS for sending donation.

Total Amount: Rs.0 0

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