Bizmine is a framework of analytics that are crucial for a sustainable future of your business. It stations the data relevant to your business including personas, location and mobility and consolidates your results in creative and easy to understand ways.

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Bizmine, Telenor’s brainchild, is an analytical Framework that gives a factual foundation to your business decisions. Bizmine provides a competitive edge by helping you identify future growth. With this analytical tool you get to leverage our persona, location, mobility-based analytics, or even create your own customized dashboards, to build a strategic path for a successful business. We offer customer persona identification for more effective marketing, location categorization for user density and distribution insights and customized analytical dashboards.


How Bizmine works?

Select one of our many subscription plans based on your business needs to access persona analytics, location analytics or self-service feature for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription

Custom Plan: Reach out to us for a custom plan.

Free Demo:  Request a demonstration of Bizmine and our team would setup an online demo for you.


How does Bizmine help your business?

  • It creates a more effective marketing strategy to build brand loyalty based on our segmented customer personas.
  • It helps you devise a strategy to uplift store footfall
  • It helps finding the best locations to expand your business based on relevant customer distribution and density
  • It hosts promotions and events in the most optimal locations, based on relevant audiences’ travel and visit patterns.


How is Bizmine beneficial for your customers?

  • It channels targeted, personalized advertisements based on what your customers actually enjoy, without compromising on their privacy
  • It propagates relevant and up-to-date information on what kind of  brands, events, and promotions they care about the most
  • It also brings greater customer experience and convenience associated with your brand


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Currently Bizmine offers insight and the power to create micro customer segments. Once the segment is identified you can click “Export Filter” button and share the file with us at and we would run the Mobile advertisement of digital marketing campaign for you once KPI and cost is agreed. Later on in future we plan to launch an end-to-end marketing platform where the end user would be able to create their own target segments and reach them via our internal digital assets, external digital assets (Facebook, Google etc.), SMS, or robocall.
If you are experiencing a problem using the product, please contact us at and a Bizmine support representative would help you solve it. You would automatically unsubscribe once your usage subscription period expires.
You can renew your subscription by Logging in the Bizmine webpage, go to Manage Account > Renew Subscription > Apply.
No, you can advertise to Telenor customers only. In future we do plan to extend the services to other operators customers.
You have complete control over the communications you send and which customer segments you send them to, as long as they abide by our content guidelines. Please reach out to our support team at if you have questions about your campaign content.
The main purpose of Bizmine is to provide critical business insights. However, we allow you to save the customer segments you’re interested in running campaigns on. You can then run your targeted campaigns through Telenor’s mobile advertisement team  
No, we never sell or otherwise give access to your personal dashboards or selected filters to third parties. Find out more about our privacy statement on our website.
Bizmine will never give out personally identifiable data on our customers. However, you can use our aggregated dataset to segment customers based on persona, location and mobility patterns. You can then leverage these analytics to uncover business insights and create targeted campaigns, events and promotions.
You can capture screenshots via snipping tool to use the visualization in your presentations or reports. You can also export certain visualizations to PDF from the dashboard, although we do not recommend this approach.
Visit our website and contact us or ask for a demo we would be happy to give you a brief tutorial session on how to use Bizmine.
Yes, the Bizmine is accessible on mobile devices however we do recommend a decent size screen for a good experience.
No. You just need an internet connection and a web browser.
We designed Bizmine for business users. Anyone familiar with common business intelligence tools would be able to use our pre-built dashboards with ease. In order to build your own dashboards with our self-service feature, some experience using QlikSense might be helpful. Our data dictionary and demo are a good way to get familiar with using Bizmine. For further help, please reach out to our support team at
All payments are processed by third party and no credit card details are saved or received by us.
We use a third party online payment solution called EasyPaisa. You can either pay via credit card/debit card online or make a manual payment.
The subscriptions are offered on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and the you are free to choose from the various dashboards on persona, location, persona plus location and leverage Telenor’s aggregated dataset to draw business insights. With the platinum plan, in addition to the pre-built analytics, you can create your own customized dashboards using our available data points to uncover the insights most important to you. You can use a custom plan option to tailor the subscription model as per your own need. Get further details on the subscription plans and features here.
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