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EXCEED is a smart Point of Sale (POS) system for small or large scale businesses   .

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EXCEED comes with no  software or hardware, requirements.  It is an online solution that only requires a desktop or laptop with an internet connection.

EXCEED is not only  a simple POS tool but it also offers inventory management, customer relationship management, recipe management, accounting and profitability and much more.

Main Features

  • Connected Value Chain: EXCEED Syncs and manages everything through our one window solution. This means that EXCEED can integrate the whole value chain of business starting from raw material, inventory, sales, reporting & analysis of the transactions along with options to plan and send promotions based on the analysis.
  • Shipment & Delivery Management: EXCEED can help optimize the delivery experience for restaurants and their customers through riders tracking, customer feedback and delivery monitoring
  • Online Ordering / Ecommerce: EXCEED helps deliver a 360-degree customer experience by helping businesses grow online. It keeps  all orders in one place and ensures seamless inventory management.
  • Ingredient & Recipe Management: EXCEED offers another optimal ingredient utilization for increased profitability by managing the ingredients in recipes. It helps monitor the inventory variance as per the recipes and also quantifies the menu profitability on the basis of recipe ingredients.
  • Social Media Integration, Marketing & Customer Feedback: With the help of social media platforms integration, EXCEED helps you know your customers better by understanding customer preferences through customized feedback from Automated SMS & Email marketing.
  • Customer & Business Insights: Knowing more about your business helps you plan better and identify areas of growth.  EXCEED provides the option to monitor and identify different trends, get smart reports or build your own customized reports and analytics to get customer and business insights which can  be very fruitful for businesses in long run
  • End to End Manufacturing Process: EXCEED captures end-to-end manufacturing framework starting from procurement, bill-of-materials to optimize the manufacturing process. It provides a single window in an entire manufacturing workflow that gives  a bird’s eye view  for overall operations.
  • Automated Multi-Location Syncing: Sync and manage everything across multiple store locations and e-commerce through our one window solution, including:
    • Sales
    • Inventory
    • Wastage
    • Reporting
    • Analytics
  • Personalized Marketing: Increase share of wallet and repeat visitation with our personalized marketing framework SMS & Emails on Special Occasions, birthday, Store-Wide Sales, New Inventory and Targeted Marketing Campaigns.
  • Customer Feedback and NPS: EXCEED provides flexibility on customizable questionnaires to capture the right feedback from the right customer in-store and online (SMS / email / in-app). Also, Net Promoter Score measurement is built into the Customer Happiness Platform to help you gauge brand loyalty and customer perception.
  • Sales, accounting and payment: Enables you to calculate sales vs tax amount and purchase payments, discount calculation, financial summary, sales tax calculation, all payment modes accepted i.e. cash, credit/debit card, easy paisa/Jazz cash, online.

Where do you need us?

Below are some of the ways we can enable your business processes to do more.


Pharmaceutical EXCEED can manage all the inventory, MOQ and cash counter transactions. EXCEED has the capability to capture and update the transactions from multiple terminals at one time and

update the inventory accordingly

Restaurants EXCEED can store all the available raw material, can count expected finished products as per the recipe requirements  and can help track if there is any misuse or loss of raw material. It enables the bakery/café/restaurant management to efficiently utilize their workforce to use the materials in an efficient way and hence increase productivity.

Also EXCEED can help set alerts when any of the items in the outlet crosses a certain threshold so the kitchen team can prepare and deliver the items before they run out of stock from the outlet.

Retail Store
A retail store can use EXCEED for its daily sales, purchase activities along with maintaining its inventory in the warehouse. Also, EXCEED can help maintain a customer relationship system for the outlet and can help push sales promotions to the customers as per their buying behaviors.

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