Telenor Business Suite

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Telenor Business suite is a digital bulk resource management platform. It gives our corporate customers the power to control costs and the flexibility to create offers and catering to their customized connectivity needs.

This solution empowers our corporate customers to purchase mobile broadband resources in bulk and distribute them among their users as per their organization’s requirements.

Why Telenor Business Suite?

More Convenience

Manage, assign & adjust internet volumes for your employees

More Control

The self-service portal is designed to view, monitor, and control your staff usage of resources

More Value

More Internet at competitive prices

Main Features:

  • Digital Cloud Based Platform – Access the platform and its capability from where ever you are with utmost ease and convenience.
  • Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) – The platform gives you the flexibility to build and customize as many offers for your end users as you want. You no longer have to rely on the limited conventionally available offer
  • Control your Cost – Through bulk purchase of resources you have the utmost control over  your costs related to data connectivity needs
  • Dashboard – Get a bird’s eye view of your portfolio
  • Profile Creation – Through this feature customers enjoy the flexibility of assigning resources in bulk and also to manage their organization hierarchy based resource distribution
  • Alerts and Reporting – A comprehensive alert configuration and report generation module is available to track the usage trend of the child numbers enabling customer to timely respond to his end user needs
  • Customer empowerment: Customers are empowered to perform their day to day adjustments without relying on anyone


Internet Bundle Internet (GBs) Price (PKR)
Value Beginner 110 5,000
Value Medium 220 7,500
Value Large 330 12,000
Value XL 1,100 35,000
Value XXL 1,650 50,000
Value Super 2,500 75,000
Value Ultimate 4,000 125,000


TBS is a digital platform that allows users to buy resources in bulk and then assign them to end users within the same ecosystem, i.e., company account.  Customer’s admin user can easily change the resource allocation to end users at their convenience and requirement.
Bulk resources enable you to efficiently assign resources and change them according to your convenience and evolving requirements. What it means is that there is a dynamic balance between supply and consumption of resources that you can set at your own pace.
Existing customers can migrate to pool data depending upon their requirement (terms and conditions shall be applied). If you are an existing customer interested in switching to Pool Data, please contact your Business Account Manager.
The bundle can be purchased every month, and the bundle's validity will be every month. Please contact your Business Account Manager to guide you on how to buy data bundles.
If the purchased bundle expires before the month-end, the customer will have the facility of getting Add-on's activated. Add-ons are not recurring bundles, so they automatically expire at the end of each billing cycle.
The bundle pricing gets charged on a pro-rated basis.  Bundles are also auto-charged regularly in every month's billing cycle. For example, If the customer activates the bundle in the middle of the month, half resources will be allocated, and half the amount will get charged.
Add-on can be activated if the bundle's resources are exhausted, and the add-on will enable the customer to continue using data. Add-on will not be activated repeatedly. For example, if the add-on is activated after half of the month, then still full charging and abundant resources will be pushed to the customer account.
Only Data Sims and Large Screen connections get issued on this functionality at the moment.
The resources are allocated amongst the subscribers through the portal, based on their requirements.  

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