Telenor Smart Office

This solution empowers businesses to cater their  customers’ requirements by routing their calls to the relevant departments.

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Telenor Business is offering Telenor Smart Office solution for business customers to help them make the most of an opportunity that comes with each call by ensuring 24/7 availability.

Telenor Smart office is a Mobile Private Branch Xchange System that enables small and medium enterprises to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. This solution empowers you to cater the customers’ requirements by routing their calls to the relevant departments by having a synchronized telephone system without investment in expensive equipment.

Main Features

  • Dual Purpose: Same Mobile line for your official and personal use
  • Pool Minute Bundle: Minutes assigned to master number can be shared with extensions
  • Extension with Prepaid/Postpaid option: Select the extension in prepaid or postpaid
  • Call Recording: A comprehensive call recording feature for better performance management
  • Interactive Voice Responsive (IVR) Management: Upload and Modify IVR as needed
  • Voice Pulse: 30 and 60 seconds voice pulse for Telenor Smart Office

What’s New

  • Web Portal: User friendly web portal with real-time monitoring dashboard also accessible through smartphone
  • Authentication: Users authentication with unique username and password
  • Conference bridging: Lets you add more people in one call
  • Voicemail: Helps prioritize your responses

Where do you need us?

Below are some of the ways we can enable your business processes to do more.

Online Shopping
  • Supports virtual setup of working environment
  • 24/7 availability without physical infrastructure
  • Customer relationship management
Courier Services
  • On spot calls to trace address
  • Post-delivery confirmation
  • Follow-up calls for unsuccessful deliveries
  • On the go call receiving on company’s centralized master number by field force
  • Doctors/Distributors calls to dedicated sales agent
  • Flexible distribution network
  • Home delivery
  • Centralized branches
  • Customer relations management
  • Centralized incoming call monitoring
  • District level assignment for quick response
Car Dealerships
  • Call recording to improve agent performance and sales
  • Post sale follow up calls
  • Upcoming maintenance calls
Real Estate
  • Dedicated agents for residential and commercial property rent or purchase
  • Routing of incoming calls to relevant teams
  • Enable agent competition for quicker response




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