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The White-Label Application offers connectivity through SMPP Connections in order to establish a communication channel with your recipients. You can send messages to your recipients and also receive messages from them.

Safe and Secure Connectivity
Two Way SMS
Handset Delivery Status
White Label

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Safe and Secure Connectivity 

The SMPP connection established for these services is through VPNs hence ensuring the security of your connection.

Handset Delivery Status

You can receive details on whether the message was delivered to the receipt's handset or not through the White-Label service.

Two-Way SMS

You can both send and receive messages through the White-Label Connection.

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That depends on your requirement, by default the sender will be charged for sending a message from their handset on the short-code, however, if needed, the message can be sent free of cost, in which case you’ll be charged for the amount.

Yes, an extended TPS for a limited time may be offered depending on assessment of the requirement.

The throughput for SMS is 10 per second by default.

An SMPP Connection is established over VPNs for White-Label Services.

No, the white-label service only supports PTA Allocated Short-Codes.

The terms of White-Label are detailed in the contract and will have to be condensed and reviewed by legal in order to post onto the website.

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