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Communicating with your field teams can be as simple as a push of one button. Now you can be as agile as you need to be in the field and get similar functionality of a two-way radio communication and location services over cellular network that offers instant yet cost-effective communication, more visibility and control with an online dispatcher web-portal for control room and admin teams

Group communication

PTT allows users to communicate with a group of people at once, rather than having to call each person individually. This can be particularly useful in emergency situations where quick coordination is necessary


PTT devices are designed to be durable and withstand harsh environments, with an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. This makes them suitable for use in outdoor or industrial environments


PTT systems are designed to be reliable and can operate even in areas with poor cellular coverage. Device has an external antenna for better connection in low network areas

Location Base Services

The Device has built-in GPS location tracking, allowing users to see the location of other users in real-time through a web-portal

Push to Talk

How our product will make your business future ready

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Instant Communication

PTT is a Mission critical service that enables instant communication with the touch of a button, making it ideal for businesses that require fast and efficient communication, such as in emergency situations

Increased Productivity

PTT solution can improve productivity by providing real-time communication, enabling teams to make quick decisions, and reducing the need for multiple phone calls or emails

Group Communication

PTT solution enable group communication, allowing users to communicate with multiple people at once, making it ideal for team communication and collaboration


PTT solution web-portal enable business contract room and admin users with the visibility of their field workforces, monitor communication, broadcast and dispatch alerts and voice messages, and manage PTT devices

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Case Study

Push to Talk Solution provides instant voice communication at the touch of a button, improving productivity and safety while reducing costs

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Best Solutions For Your Business

Push-to-talk offers several benefits, including quick and efficient communication, the ability to communicate with multiple people at once, and the ability to prioritize communication based on urgency.

Push-to-talk is commonly used in industries where fast and efficient communication is essential, such as hospitality transportation, logistics, and construction.

A minimum 1-Year contract is required to be signed with the customer.

The data requirement is small as compared to resources available in this bundle. On average the solution consumes not more than 1GB of monthly data

Yes customer support is available & your respective Business Account Manager can guide you on its process.

  • The license and data resources will have one month validity & shall be auto renewed every month.
  • Nonpayment of outstanding dues will result in service suspension.
  • The service will be offered on a best effort basis.
  • The customer shall have to abide by all the regulations enforced by the Pakistan Telecommunication    Authority (PTA) at the time of the start of the service and during the duration of the service. 
  • The Customer shall not use the service for an illegal purpose.
  • Telenor issues no warranties in respect of the product or service, the Telenor's only obligation in respect of any defect in the product shall be limited to making it available to you (to the extent permissible and / or possible) the warranties issued by the supplier of the product.
  • Accordingly, TELENOR shall not be liable for any loss, harm, damage, expense etc. that you may suffer or be threatened with on account of any disruption or malfunction of the services, or in case the service does not in any manner perform in accordance with your expectation, or industry or other standards etc.
  • You acknowledge that pursuant to expiration or early termination of the agreement between TELENOR & the supplier of the product, you may no longer be able to use the products in relation to the services and confirm that this shall not result in any claim against TELENOR. 
  • You shall be liable to pay for the Telenor Push to Talk (PTT) solution. This is in addition to payment for other services (e.g voice, regular SMS, etc.) that you avail from Telenor. 
  • With prior information to the customer, the monthly subscription charges for the Push to Talk (PTT) solution shall be determined exclusively by Telenor.

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