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Telenor Track live is a web, SMS, Mobile App &  Location- based service. Using state of the art tracking technology, Telenor Track live allows you to track your workforce and your company fleet by setting schedules or track LIVE with Telenor Track live.

Real Time Location, Time & Asset Tracking
Available On Mobile
Instant Alerts & Report
Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching:
Customized Scheduling
Two Way Communication
Telenor Track Live

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Real time Location, Time and Asset Tracking

Know where your assets are & get updates on operations with real time locations & time.

Available On Mobile

View maps & routes taken by field service staff. Compatible with handheld devices.

Instant Alerts & Reports

Instant alerts & detailed reports for common field service scenarios such as rescheduling, real arrivals, time on site etc.

Field Servicing & Dispatching

Increase visibility and transparency by assigning tasks and schedule.

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Numbers can be added in bulk only where the numbers can be added without consent. This happens only in cases where the data SIMs are used to track vehicles, machines etc.

No, multiple numbers cannot be added. Additions must be done one by one with each user’s consent.

Yes, any Telenor number can be added upon consent from the user.

Below can be possible reasons:

• Check if the customer’s account has successfully been created by the Telenor team.

• Check the credentials and ensure that the Account number is provided in the correct format e.g. 923451234567

• Check if the password is correct or if it has expired

• The number might be blocked in the CRM

  • All the terms of the postpaid connection form (PCF) executed by you (in respect of your Telenor connection) shall apply- provided that in the case of any discrepancy, the terms noted herein shall supersede the terms noted in the PCF.
  • Telenor issues no warranties in respect of the product or service, the Telenor’s only obligation in respect of any defect in the product shall be limited to making it available to you (to the extent permissible and / or possible) the warranties issued by the supplier of the product.
  • Accordingly, TELENOR shall not be liable for any loss, harm, damage , expense etc. that you may suffer or be threatened with on account of any disruption or malfunction of the services, or in case the service do not in any manner perform in accordance with your expectation, or industry or other standards etc.
  • You knowledge that pursuant to expiration or early termination of the agreement between TELENOR & the supplier of the product you may no longer be able to use the products in relation to the services, and confirm that this shall not result in any claim against TELENOR.
  • You shall be liable to pay for the Telenor Track Live Service. This is addition to payment for other services (e.g voice, regular SMS, etc.) that you avail from Telenor.
  • With prior information to the customer, the usage charges for the track live services shall be determined exclusively by Telenor, by reference to details of usage recorded by Telenor.
  • Contract shall commence on the date of approval by Telenor after signing of the form overleaf by the customer and, subject to the provision of this contract, the contract shall continue thereafter until terminated by either party by giving not less than one month’s notice in writing to the other party.
  • Telenor reserves the right to issue such instructions regarding use of the Track Live service as it may from time to time consider necessary to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of the service for all customer(s) and such instructions shall be binding upon the customer and deemed to form an integral part of this product.
  • The customer represents and confirms that it is legally competent and lawfully authorized to acquire, implement, activate and use the Tracklive service on the connection(s)/SIM(s).
  • The customer is personally responsible for the proper and lawful use of the Track Live service, communicated from the customer Equipment and SIM card and shall neither use nor permit any  person to use customer Equipment, the systems or the service for prohibited purposes including:
  • Sending abusive, offensive ,indecent ,obscene ,obnoxious, marketing, spam or menacing messages or communications, or
  • Intercepting or learning the contents of any message on the system, or
  • Any improper, immoral or unlawful purpose, or for any purpose not recommended by the customer Equipment manufacturer or Telenor.
  • The System/Service/SIM Card is connected to/ used in a handset reported to be stolen.
  • Telenor has the right to treat the above use of the service as a ground for the suspension of the service or termination of this contract.

    You acknowledge that the products and services shall be provided subject to the terms of the agreement between TELENOR ant the supplier of the product.

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