Voice Promotion Platform
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Voice Promotion Platform enables businesses to broadcast bulk voice messages to your prospective customers. The voice messages sent out through an application include marketing messages, notifications, PIN codes, appointment reminders etc. This marketing tool can be utilized to send promotional, transactional, informational, and various other forms of alerts and campaigns.

Build interactive campaigns

Conduct polls and surveys using simple IVR tools or advanced voice bots. Gather valuable customer feedback and insights

Expand your reach

These campaigns have allowed our clients to reach elusive rural audiences who may not have access to TV or the internet

Generate more leads

This platform allows businesses to reach millions of prospects across the nation in successful sales campaigns, and generate favorable / strong leads

Effectively capture data

Our robust call logging and easy to use reports ensure that you capture valuable marketing insights and consumer trends

Voice Promotion Platform

How our product will make your business future ready

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Automated management

No workforce is required to manage the campaign; the channels are available 24 x 7 for consumers

No Cost to your Customer

There is no call cost to the consumer for participating in missed call led campaign

Increased Customer Interest

Missed call is most easy and quickest form of showing interest or participating in the consumer connect campaign

Reports and Insights

With our reporting and analytics dashboard, get an in depth and report of various campaigns

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Alerts/Reminders, Business Promotion, Offers and Deals, Social Campaigns, Surveys etc

Charging is done according to the Pulse rate. 30sec or 60sec Pulse rate

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