IoT auxo coldchain
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AUXO Cold Chain Solution helps to maintain proper temperature in cold storages or vehicles and notify in real time if the temperature goes outside the optimal range. This allows cold chain businesses/logistics to keep food fresh and prevents costly spoilage.

Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor live data of cold storage vehicle or cold storage room temperature fluctuations in real time

Real-time Temperature Data

Real-time temperature data alerts to enhance actionability, contain loss better, and manage incidents before they have a chance to get out of hand cannot be understated.

Alerts& Notifications

Notification that are received on main dashboard that includes Temperature fluctuation, door open close alerts etc.

Auxo Cold Chain

How our product will make your business future ready

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IoT Auxo coldchain
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Eliminate food safety risk

Increase food/vaccine/medicines or any other cold chain item quality 

Increase the shelf life of products

Energy Savings

Case Study Description

Case Study

This solution monitors and maintains business-specific recommended temperatures in stationary and mobile cold storage assets, preventing costly inventory from spoilage.

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