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Interact with and get analytics for your fleet via a user-friendly web based interface. Keep track of your vehicles' real-time location, monitor driving behaviors and ensure safety of the vehicles and human resource. 

Live Location

View location of your vehicle in real-time by using the tracking feature on our webportal & app in dashboard view.

Trip History

For every trip, you can view metrics like distance travelled, time duration and violations that occurred from point to point.

Driver Management

Maintain a detailed record of all vehicles and drivers with their respective driving scores on the web portal/ mobile app.


Create a virtual boundary, area or route fence, on the map and get alerts when your vehicle exits or enters the specified area.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive real-time driving behavior alerts for speed violations or harsh driving behaviors e.g. Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Brakes or Sharp Turn etc.

Auxo Fleet

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Customized Reporting

Customized data representation to facilitate exact business needs and requirements.

Nation Wide Monitoring

Round the clock, dedicated command center monitoring for entire fleet.

Trip Details

Trip details of vehicle in an interval, such as trip duration, distance travelled, trip mileage, start & end location etc. which helps to plan efficient route planning. 

Route Plan & Control

Summary of a trip in a route-fenced area with complete details of violations, time in & out of the fence and idle time in the trip. This will help in bringing more control & efficiency in daily operations. 

Automated Fleet Status

Visibility of fleet in form of regular automated reporting. 

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