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AUXO MDVR is a complete end-to-end fleet MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording) solution for vehicles that provides valuable insights for businesses to bring operational efficiency, improve operational processes and help bringing cost optimizations. With the state-of-the-art technology advancement, the solution is incredibly useful for monitoring and improving driving behavior as well as vehicle prevention.

Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor live streaming of video data, driving behavior and notification regarding violation.

Collision Warning

Collision Warning is designed to alert the driver to a hazard ahead so you can brake or swerve in time.

Alerts& Notifications

Notification that are received on main dashboard that includes Lane deviation, forward collision warning, closer distance alarm etc.


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Accident Risk Mitigation

Captures video footage to enhance driver coaching.

Reduced Risk of Vehicle Damage

Helps to achieve reduced risk of vehicle damage with safer driving implemented as standard.

Virtual, On-site, insight into Critical Events

Get an accurate understanding of critical events leading up to, during and after an incident.

Ability to Analyze Video Footage Alongside Fleet Data

Understand events better and where needed, use as evidence for insurance claims or in legal proceedings.

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