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M2M Communication involves the exchange of data and information between devices, systems, or applications. Its use can facilitate various services and streamline processes through the usage of Short Message service (SMS) and Data. It adds value to the core business and eventually translates into success for the end-customers

Vanilla Connectivity

M2M vanilla connectivity would refer to the basic communication setup between two or more machines without any specialized or advanced features. This simply involves data exchange, commands, or information sharing between devices

Dynamic Offer Functionality

Our clients can choose the offer as per their requirements. Resources would be bought on a per SIM basis and are pooled as well, catering to the overuse of numbers

Segregation of traffic through APNs

APNs are defined to segregate the flow of traffic for a specified pool of MSISDNs which also enables IP & URL whitelisting

Establishing secure connectivity through VPNs

VPNs are used to establish a secure connection with an external public network which makes your data secure and protected

Machine 2 Machine

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Machine 2 machine
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24/7 Monitoring

Through the usage of data & SMS, customers can monitor their devices at all times

Data-Driven Decision Making

Through the data generated from connected devices, customer can analyze it to gain valuable insights into user-behavior and trends and make informed decisions


M2M systems are designed to handle a large number of connected devices which helps businesses to expand or adapt to changing demands

Customization & Flexibility

M2M connectivity can be tailored to specific industry needs and requirements that align with the unique goals 

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Charging is done according to the Pulse rate i-e 64kb or 1kb 

M2M SIM, Smart Connectivity, Device (managed by customer), VPN or APN (optional)

Yes, customer can choose either from the defined packages or get them allocated dynamically according to the nature of the business 

No, once the connectivity is acquired, things run automatically from there on 

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