Value Post paid
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Value Postpaid

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-established business, Telenor Business brings new Value Plans for your business

Freedom of calls with no network limitation
Powered with Free 4G Internet
Manage your internet usage through control feature

Easy pricing for your specific needs

Select your desired product from below. Rates excluding taxes

Value Econo

Price: Rs. 300/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 325

Free MBs: 250

Free SMS: 250

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 325

Monthly Line Rent :300

Value Standard

Price: Rs. 600/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 650

Free MBs: 650

Free SMS: 650

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 650

Value Smart

Price: Rs. 900/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 1000

Free MBs: 1000

Free SMS: 1000

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 1000

Value Pro

Price: Rs. 1,200/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 1400

Free MBs: 1400

Free SMS: 1400

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 1400

Value Ultra

Price: Rs. 1,800/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 2100

Free MBs: 2100

Free SMS: 2100

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 2100

Value Ultra Max

Price: Rs. 3,000/-


Free Minutes (Any Network): 3500

Free MBs: 3500

Free SMS: 3500

Free Team Talk (CUG) Minutes: 3500

value postpaid
Value Postpaid

How our product will make your business future ready

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Wide variety of base plans to cater to the needs of low to high value usage work force of a business.

Variety of bundles to choose from to cater to the customized needs of any business user.

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Data capping feature will only work when there is no data bundle activated.

No, data capping feature cannot be deactivated on a customer’s request on value postpaid plans.

The data capping feature is a built-in feature in value postpaid and is available/activated by default. The customer does not need to ask for activation or subscribe to this feature.

  • Free line rent resources will be refreshed at the start of every billing cycle.
  • Team Talk calls refer to close user group calls.
  • Off Net Dialing refers to dialing on networks other than Telenor as well dialing on PTCL landline.
  • All calls will be disconnected automatically after 59 minutes.
  • Data Add-on non recursive packet will be charged upfront.
  • Resources of first month will be provided on a pro-rated basis, based on the date of number activation.
  • Free minutes resources (price plans and bundles) will be calculated on per minute basis.
  • All prices specified above are exclusive of taxes (unless specified otherwise) and are liable to the prevailing tax rule and laws.
  • On Net Dialing refers to dialing on Telenor numbers only.
  • Telenor Pakistan has the right to update and revise the prices for its offerings as and when it sees fit.

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