Submitted by Zohaib on Fri, 11/25/2022 - 13:45

Green tick application will be processed by Telenor Engage Team and to process the application following are the requirements and information required: 
• Business must be using WhatsApp Business Platform and have concluded Facebook business verification 
• Must be a business (Individual businesses are currently not allowed).
• Business should have organic PR. Note - Paid PR doesn't count!
• Must be a notable and reputed brand with good number of Press Media Articles that are  featured on Google News
• Clear information on their website (about products and services, mentioning Business display name)
• Business display name should match their website
• Business have at least 3 external media coverage links from newspapers, magazines, etc. Do not use links of your own website, these are not valid.
• Business having a high number of likes in their Facebook page can help their prove relevance