Data Subject Rights Request Form

By filling out the form below, you can make the following types of requests:

Personal Information Handling: Telenor Pakistan can provide customers with information about how their data is processed
Access Personal Data available with Telenor : Customers can access to their own personal data upon request
Data Correction/Modification:  Telenor Pakistan can erase or rectify personal data upon request by the customer
Objection: Telenor Pakistan can stop processing of any personal data on the request of customer, including blocking of promotional and/or marketing activities
Others: Customers can communicate any other requests concerning their data not covered by the request types mentioned above

By submitting this form, you accept and acknowledge terms and conditions below for processing of data subject request(s).

Terms and Conditions

  • The maximum time for processing of any data subject request is 30 days. In case we are unable to process any specific data subject request, same shall be communicated through appropriate channel
  • The Data Subject requests shall be handled in accordance with the applicable laws, rules, regulations and applicable license conditions and as per the technical capabilities of our licensed network
  • The personal data provided shall be used for the purposes of processing of your specific request(s) only and shall be deleted after it is no longer required
  • Handling of any data subject request and related processing may be subject to reasonable charges as determined by Telenor Pakistan