Khushaal Mohafiz

Dial 727237

Life insurance to financially protect you and your family

Khushaal Mohafiz is a life insurance scheme that aims to provide financial protection to families in case of unbearable loss due to death

Customer will have 30 days from subscription to send us CNIC number with mobile number at given WhatsApp number to confirm the Next to Kin. A confirmation statement will automatically be sent back to customer for registration of Next to Kin. Customer may also contact our helpline to confirm the registration at any time. Customer will have the liberty to include / exclude any next to kin at any given time in Policy at their will.
The insurance will be paid to the NEXT of KIN Only. Customer will be advised soon after the subscription thought an automated SMS the he/she should nominate the Next to Kin with in next 30 days by sending their MSDSIN number with the nomination name and their CNIC number. In case there is no nomination made then the following default will apply
  1. If the customer is married, his/ her spouse will be automatically nominated as next to kin
  2. If the customer is not married, his/her parents (both) or (one whoever is alive) will be the next of KIN
At the time of the information within the IVR at option 1 along with the CSR will pitch the customer to let their loved once know that he is now insured. This is certainly the responsibility of the customer too let their family know about his insurance. We should however sent a message soon after the subscription where we should mention 1- Customer should nominate the NEXT TO KIN & it’s process of nomination 2- Customer should inform their loved once about the policy & it’s benefits
Charges are based on the policy you choose:
Daily Price (PKR) Monthly Price Insurance Cover
2 60 300,000
6 180 900,000
12 360 2,000,000
  • Khushaal Jeevan can be accessed from any mobile phone with Telenor connection by simply dialing 727237
  • Khushaal Jeevan can also be subscribed from the Zamindari smartphone application

Terms & Conditions

  • Users will be informed about any price change

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