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Life insurance to financially protect you and your family

WEBDOC in collaboration with the underwriters brings “Accidental Life Insurance coverage” for the People of Pakistan. An amazing cover of up-to Rs. 2,000,000/- accidental demise of the insurer. A complete peace of mind for your loved once as low as Rs. 2 per day. Please provide beneficiary name and details for making a claim if required


Daily Price Ins. Cover up-to
Rs. 2/- Rs. 300,000/-
Rs. 6/- Rs. 900,000/-
Rs. 12/- Rs. 2,000,000/-

Subscription Method: 

  • Dial 727237
  • SMS ‘SUB’ to 72737

Customers can opt in by simply dialing 727237 from Telenor network and become a subscriber to pay Rs. 2/6/12 to be eligible up-to Rs. 300,000 / 900,000 / 2,000,000 Accidental Life cover.

Deactivation Method:

  • Dial 727237 and select Unsub
  • SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 727237
  • Call 727200

We have made sure that the un-subscription process is as simple as subscription. Simply dial 727237, select un-sub or text UNSUB to 727234, alternatively please ring the help line 727200 and choose to un-sub.

Making a Claim:

Dial 727237 and Select Claims

Beneficiaries can dial 727237 and raise claim. All they need is to provide the proof of Accidental demise to claim the covered amount.

Notice of Claims:

The Company shall be notified of the occurrence of Death of the Insured as soon as possible, but not later than 100 (one hundred) days from the date of Death after which it shall be treated as time barred and the Company shall not be bound to pay the Claim.

For each Claim reported, the Company shall obtain: From the Claimant:


  • Payment of claims is subject to exclusions, as outlined below.
  • The Personal Accident Life Insurance Cover shall not cover any Death which is caused by, or resulting, directly or indirectly, wholly, or partly, from any of the following factors:
  • Suicide or any attempt thereat (sane or insane). Kidnapping for ransom.
  • To any death or injury sustained whilst the Insured is under the influence (temporarily or otherwise) of intoxicants, alcohol, or drugs.
  • War, strikes, riots, civil commotion and any natural or man­made perils (including chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological) that results in the declaration of a state of emergency on a local or national level.

Eligibility & Enrolment:

  • Applicants are eligible to apply for an Accident Life Protection Plan under the Policy if Applicants meet ALL the criteria set out below:
  • All Eligible Applicants shall be natural persons. Corporations, partnerships and businesses shall not be eligible for coverage under the Accident Life Policy.
  • All Eligible Applicants shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age and a maximum of sixty-four (64) years of age at the time of registration.

Mistake in Age:

The Company shall only pay Insurance Benefits based on the disclosed age of the Insured. With the onus on the customer for incorrect disclosure the Company shall not be liable to pay any benefit under this Policy in that particular case.

Intentional False Statements of The Insured:

In the event of any concealment or misrepresentation the Accident life Policy shall become null and void with respect to the relevant Insured.

In case of Death:

A notice of death, which could be a legal death certificate, a certificate of attending physician, containing his registration number, and mentioning actual cause of death, and proof of the personal identity of the Insured, which could be the official personal identity data.

If there is a dispute, suspected fraudulent activity on the claim or a unique situation which requires further clarification, the payment period can be extended but shall not exceed ten (10) working days, or as long as the dispute takes to resolve in the legal system.

Termination of Individual Insurance:

The insurance of an Insured shall automatically terminate at the earliest time below: Upon payment on Death or Upon cancellation or withdrawal of subscription

Next to Kin Registration:

After the subscription customer will be sent an automated SMS confirming the subscription. Telenor team will send another SMS requesting customer to provide with the Next to Kin information.

Customer should provide the following information:

  • Name of the beneficiary CNIC of the beneficiary Relation with the beneficiary
  • Mobile number on which the policy is activated.
  • This information should be sent to the provided Corporate WhatsApp number. The confirmation statement will acknowledge the details provided and next to kin will be submitted. Customer may call any time at helpline to confirm the beneficiary details. Customer can change the next to kin information throughout the policy term at his/her will.
  • Refer to the service document
Claim TAT is 3 working days. Claim will be paid in any mobile wallet or bank account.
  • Payment of claims is subject to exclusions, as outlined below. Mobile Insurance Cover shall not cover.
  • Any Pre-damaged Screen.
  • Already Lost or Stolen phones.
  • Lost phones.
  • Forcedly or purposely broken phones.
  • Payments less than 15 days in 2 months
Upon payment of the claim/Upon cancellation or withdrawal of subscription
  1. Call at MicroEnsure helpline UAN 021-111-9-92232
  2. Send an email at
The claim will be payable to the insured subscriber. However, if state of health of the insured subscriber is such that he or she cannot give a valid discharge of claim settlement to the insurance company, additional documents such as heir-ship certificate may be asked for.
Following documents must be provided within ninety (90) days of the date of occurrence of insured loss through the process explained below:
  1. Insured subscriber’s CNIC
  2. Hospitalization record giving dates of admission and discharge, diagnosis made and the treatment given
  3. Attending physician’s statement
  4. Police FIR and medico-legal report in situations where hospitalization is as a result of accident, violence, attempted self-destruction
All documents can be submitted in scanned form. However, the insurance company reserves the right to ask for original document as and when required.
In case of an insured loss, subscriber or in case of their death, family members, can notify through any of these methods: 1. Call at MicroEnsure helpline UAN 021-111-9-92232 2. Send an email at Please note that the claim notification must be submitted within ninety (90) days of occurrence of the insured loss and failure to do so can affect claim approval.  
Customer will have 30 days from subscription to send us CNIC number with mobile number at given WhatsApp number to confirm the Next to Kin. A confirmation statement will automatically be sent back to customer for registration of Next to Kin. Customer may also contact our helpline to confirm the registration at any time. Customer will have the liberty to include / exclude any next to kin at any given time in Policy at their will.
The insurance will be paid to the NEXT of KIN Only. Customer will be advised soon after the subscription thought an automated SMS the he/she should nominate the Next to Kin with in next 30 days by sending their MSDSIN number with the nomination name and their CNIC number. In case there is no nomination made then the following default will apply
  1. If the customer is married, his/ her spouse will be automatically nominated as next to kin
  2. If the customer is not married, his/her parents (both) or (one whoever is alive) will be the next of KIN
At the time of the information within the IVR at option 1 along with the CSR will pitch the customer to let their loved once know that he is now insured. This is certainly the responsibility of the customer too let their family know about his insurance. We should however sent a message soon after the subscription where we should mention 1- Customer should nominate the NEXT TO KIN & it’s process of nomination 2- Customer should inform their loved once about the policy & it’s benefits
Charges are based on the policy you choose:
Daily Price (PKR) Monthly Price Insurance Cover
2 60 300,000
6 180 900,000
12 360 2,000,000
  • Khushaal Jeevan can be accessed from any mobile phone with Telenor connection by simply dialing 727237
  • Khushaal Jeevan can also be subscribed from the Zamindari smartphone application

Terms & Conditions

  • Users will be informed about any price change

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