Khushaal Sehat

Dial 727233

A tele-doctor service that has saved more than 700,000 lives

Khushaal Sehat a digital health helpline designed to reach people who are in far flung areas and to provide them with health and wellness related information. Doctors on this service are available from 9 am to 9 pm and to answer all health related queries. Service can be subscribed by dialing 727233.

Number sharing is important so that the agent can send you details about agricultural products via SMS.
Yes. The smartphone app is available at Play Store.
Rs. 8/week (tax inclusive)
Yes, a weekly subscription is needed to access this service.
  • Khushaal Sehat can be accessed from any mobile phone with Telenor connection by simply dialing 727233.
  • Khushaal Sehat can also be subscribed from the Khushaal Watan smartphone application.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you must seek immediate medical help and not just depend on the advice from our doctors
  • Telenor Pakistan assumes no liability or responsibility in relation to any/or all Medical advice offered through this service
  • Telenor Pakistan reserves the right to amend the service from time to time and shall notify customers of any changes in writing by SMS, email or other means of written communication
  • The content and material provided through SMS and Voice messages on general health are intended to educate customers, nothing in these messages should be treated as an alternative for medical advice and diagnosis
  • The doctors are employed by an independent entity and bare all responsibility of their consultations

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